Health care facilities with labs need to keep them sterile for infection control. That why every piece of equipment matters; from sterile supply storage, sterile equipment, sterile packaging material, etc. Although these labs have a higher level of infection prevention, they still need to be organized properly. Keeping supplies at the point-of-need is essential because staff needs easy access to materials. But sterile and clean supplies pose an extra challenge. These items might need to be kept in a temperature regulated room. Or they need ventilation to ensure there’s no moisture build up. Inefficient storage is the last thing your hospital needs to be worried about because it could lead to contamination. And with these three sterile and clean supply storage solutions, you won’t ever have to worry again.

High Density Shelving

High density shelving is designed to double your sterile and clean supply storage capacity within your existing space, and it holds virtually any type of storage module from wire racks to Plexiglas-fronted bins. This type of shelving allows you more space to sterile instruments and specimens. This type of shelving allows you more space to sterile instruments, sterile items, medical devices, cleaning supplies, etc.

Because of the space savings, high density shelving allows you to keep supplies right outside the operating room. And if you have a temperature controlled area, the shelving makes the most out of the space to save on expenses.

Also, the shelving is flexible enough to conveniently store pre-packed surgical procedure kits, prepared case carts, sterile bulk materials, and any else you need. (Learn more about high density shelving here.)

FrameWRX Storage with Wire Basketssterile clean supply storage framewrx wire baskets

The FrameWRX storage with wire baskets is adjustable and re-configurable to accommodate the changing needs of healthcare organizations. Wire shelving within our storage system reduces surface area and further enhances infection control, sterilization, decontamination, and high level disinfection. Clear Plexiglas fronted bins make visual location of supplies easier and faster.

The FrameWRX storage system is also ideal for a Kanban sterile and clean supply storage management system. (Learn more about using Kanban for inventory management here.)

Stainless Steel Supply Carts

Stainless steel supply carts offer your staff an easy to use solution for transporting and storing sterile and clean supplies. Because the carts are made of stainless steel, they’re durable and won’t retain moisture, making them easy to keep sanitized.

Also, the carts are available in taller heights to offer added storage capacity. And a special feature of the carts is the sloped tops, which keeps employees from storing items on the carts that could collect dust. (Get more details about stainless steel supply carts here.)

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