As we’ve noted before, libraries are changing. And part of that change is the way they look. What used to be a dark space filled with wooden shelving is now a bright, welcoming space. Creativity – reflected in the building design and services offered – might just be the new library mantra. Just check out these pictures of some modern library furniture and shelving to see if for yourself.

Library Furniture Pictures

Used to, you would walk up to a large circulation desk to ask a librarian a question. (You might be picturing an image of an angry woman telling you to be quiet right about now.) But that’s no longer the case with this cute – and definitely kid friendly – kiosk.

library questions navigation information desk

And check out the design of this circulation desk. The curved shape really accentuates the curve of the stair case.

main desk library furniture

Libraries want to offer internet and technology services to patrons, giving rise to the popularity of another type of library furniture: computer desk tables. And the glass wall gives the space a contemporary twist.

library computer lab glass modular wall tables

curved library computer tables furniture

Of course one of the most unique services offered at libraries now is a makerspace. According to ARCLog, “Makerspaces often include tools and equipment that are too expensive or specialized for most people to have in their homes, as well as provide a gathering place for like-minded hobbyists to create and collaborate.” Check out this awesome makerspace at a university library.

markerspace collaborative library furniture

Library Shelving Pictures

Of course it wouldn’t be a library without the books! So you’ve got to have a place to store them; it just no longer has to be outdated library shelving. These library images really show off the creativity…and take storage to new heights.

Cantilever Library Shelving

Cantilever shelving is the standard for library storage; however, these shelving designs are anything but standard.

cantilever library shelving end panel design picture

library shelving end panels

library shelving custom carpet end panel design

library storage shelving end panel design

High Density Library Shelving

Most of the time, libraries stick the high density shelving in the basement. It’s designed to increase storage capacity in less space. But in these examples, the high density shelving stands front-and-center in the room. And with good reason.

high density library shelving gift shop

law library sleek contemporary high density shelving

perforated high density library shelving

High Bay Library Shelving

This is what I meant when I said shelving is being taken to new heights. Even though patrons might not see high bay shelving (since it’s mostly used in off-site depositories), it’s still pretty amazing.


mobile high bay library storage archive shelvingWant to See More Pictures of Library Furniture & Shelving?

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