Regardless of their size, weight or shape, virtually any type and variety of materials can be stored using a Spacesaver Mobile Storage System. Not only that, they can be stored in less floor space, reducing your building lease and construction costs.

Spacesaver is the recognized leader in mobile storage, with more installations than all other manufacturers combined. We have designed systems to fit almost every situation.

Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems have been installed in offices, hospitals, banks, libraries, schools, museums, archives, factories, warehouses, laboratories, government agencies and military bases, as well as many other uniquely demanding environments.

Drawing on this vast experience, we provide each customer with a storage solution that is custom configured to meet their specific needs. Having designed and installed more than 150,000 successful mobile systems for customers with a wide range of individual requirements, chances are we have already solved a storage problem similar to yours.

To help eliminate non-productive space created by fixed aisles, the shelving and cabinets of Spacesaver Mobile Systems are mounted on wheeled carriages that travel on rails. To initiate carriage movement, three basic modes of operation are available – Manual, Mechanically Assisted, and Powered.


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Users open system aisles with a simple push of a button. Designed to increase productivity in active systems. Provides state-of-the-art technology and safety for users and maximum storage densities. Available with a broad array of safety features and programmable functions. Ideal for high-access applications where maximum reliability, security and protection of stored materials are key concerns.



Users open system aisles by rotating ergonomic drive handles. Basic safety systems are available. Ideal for medium-sized storage systems with higher activity levels, heavier load factors, greater carriage lengths and a larger number of system ranges.



Users open system aisles by pushing handles left or right. Ideal for smaller, low-activity, limited-access storage areas.


The versatility of Spacesaver Mobile Systems makes it possible to mount virtually any type of storage housing on our mobile carriages, including your existing shelving and cabinets. This capability, plus our wide range of storage accessories and system configurations, gives you options limited only by your imagination.


Compare Spacesaver Mobile Storage with conventional systems. No other solution is as cost or space-efficient.

  • Conventional stationary lateral files, shelving and storage cabinets require fixed aisles that waste space.
  • Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems eliminate all but one movable aisle, in most cases saving 50% of your floor space for other productive uses.
  • Or, if you prefer, Spacesaver Mobile Systems allow you to double the storage capacity of your existing space.

Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems give you significantly greater storage capacity per square foot (meter) of floor space. In many applications, Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems are three times more space efficient than conventional filing and shelving at half the cost. Investment costs can typically be recovered in two years or less. These savings will continue year after year.