How High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems Can Help

how high density mobile shelving systems help businessesWe may be a little biased here at Southwest Solutions, but we believe that well-designed storage is one of the most underappreciated features of an efficiently run business. Imagine a cramped, crowded office where shelves are shoved haphazardly into any available nook or cranny. Employees looking for client files, paperclips, or an inventory item have to wander maze-like corridors wasting valuable time searching for what they need. Poor storage is a killer of time, productivity, morale, and even profit!

One of the most popular solutions for businesses with big storage needs is a high-density mobile shelving system. We’ve seen these systems revolutionize businesses big and small in many industries.

So why should you consider high-density mobile shelving systems for your business? First, let’s explain what this system is.

What Are High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems?

high density mobile shelving systemLet’s start with the basics. What exactly are high-density mobile shelving systems? Also called high-density mobile shelving storage, this system places new or existing shelves on a set of tracks that allows the shelves to move together. Depending on the system you choose, the shelves can move laterally or horizontally. The true beauty of the system is that a business can eliminate unused aisle space by pushing the shelves together.

When an employee wants to access a shelf, they can use a hand-crank system or push-button to easily separate the shelves, creating an aisle to access what they need. Security measures like locking mechanisms prevent the shelves from being closed when someone or something is in the aisle.

That’s high-density mobile storage shelving in a nutshell, but how can something so simple dramatically improve your business? Here are 10 of the biggest benefits of high-density mobile shelving we love to share with clients.

1. Optimized Space

The most obvious benefit of high-density mobile shelving systems is that it can eliminate a ton of unused space – up to 50% of storage space when compared to traditional shelving units! This can make a huge difference in the look, feel, and functionality of the office.

high density storage warehouse systems2. More Storage

Businesses from law firms to hospitals, museums, and warehouses face a continually growing storage demand. If they’re unprepared, they may face cluttered, confusing offices and boxes stacking up in corners. A high-density storage system allows you to store more items in less space, expanding your overall storage capability. This can allow you to stay in your current space rather than renting or buying a larger area or spending extra money on third-party storage.

3. Keep Your Items Together

Whether you want to store case files, hard copies of client invoices, inventory, sports equipment, or anything else, high-density mobile storage allows you to keep everything together. That means your employees don’t have to trek across your location to different shelves to find what they need.

4. Improved Organization

One of the most frustrating experiences at work is needing an item and being unable to find it, especially when time is of the essence. By keeping all of your items together on your mobile shelving, you can easily implement a clear and intuitive organization system. Employees will know exactly where to find what they need and can use the organizational system to quickly pull the file, inventory item, or other assets they need to continue with their work.

5. Greater Versatility

A high-density mobile shelving system is incredibly versatile and can hold just about anything. You can order specialty shelves to hold items great and small. For example, we’ve installed mobile storage systems for university sports teams to hold equipment like uniforms and helmets. We’ve also installed them in museums to store antiques, police stations to store evidence, and so much more.

6. Improved Office Traffic

Opening up more space in your office by eliminating excess storage can help you create a more open space and improve the traffic flow. You can also utilize the extra space to help your business grow. Add a conference room, put in workspaces for your new hires, or turn cubicles into offices to reward your superstars. The sky’s the limit: more space gives you more growth options!

7. Fewer Misplaced or Lost Items

high density mobile shelving storage

In a storage free-for-all, it is easy for employees to put items in the wrong place or even keep files at their desks to save time and effort. When employees can’t find the items and information they need, it can cause project slowdowns, mistakes, and lots of frustration. By keeping items together and implementing an organizational system using high-density storage, you can keep better track of what goes in and out and where all your assets are at any given time.

8. Greater Productivity

When your employees know exactly where to find what they need at work, they can complete their projects quickly. You can even place your high-density mobile shelving storage closer to the employees who need to access the system the most, saving them time and effort. Fewer lost items will also cut back on wasted time or stalled projects. The result is a higher rate of productivity that can impact your bottom line.

9. Higher Employee Morale

It may be strange to think storage could impact employee morale, but it does. A cluttered and cramped office can bring down employee morale, just like a well-designed office with good traffic flow can improve it. Wasting time searching for items or not being able to work due to lost files can all drag down morale. Good storage makes happier employees, which makes them more productive and more loyal to your business.

10. Big Savings Over Time

Purchasing a high-density mobile shelving system is an investment, but it’s one that can pay off big time in the long run. When your employees are happier and more productive, they’ll get more done and give you better work. They’ll also commit more time and energy to their work instead of searching for the items they need. Improved employee loyalty means you’ll keep your star players and avoid the heavy cost of recruiting and training new talent. Lastly, greater storage can help improve communication and accuracy, saving you from costly mistakes that could end up in unhappy or lost clients.

Improve Your Business with High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems

Ready to learn more about high-density storage systems? We’d love to talk to you about how your business can benefit. Contact us today to talk to a friendly representative who can help you decide if a high-density storage warehouse system is the right choice for you.