Is Your Dealership’s Parts Room Maximizing Your Profits?

auto dealership parts room storage automatic retrieval systems vertical lift modules dallas cedar hill ennis terrell allen frisco sherman denison ft worth texas wichita fallsAuto dealer parts rooms are an important part of the profits for a car dealership, but they also require a huge investment in inventory, floor space, and personnel to operate. Improving the productivity and space efficiency of your parts room will lower operating overhead costs, improve how customers view your dealership, improve the productivity of mechanics, lower costs of controlling and managing your staff, and provide a safer work environment.

Rate Your Parts Room Storage System’s Productivity and Space Efficiency

If you’ve often wondered just how efficient is your dealership’s parts room storage, answering the ten questions will help you identify possible improvements.

1. Is there a lot of unused overhead air space in your facility’s storage area?

2. Do you store inventory in a secondary location or in a modular storage container located away from the main storage area due to the lack of storage space?

3. Is your storage area climate-controlled requiring energy to heat and air condition?

4. Is there unnecessary air space on your shelves between the top of your plastic bins and the shelf above the bin? For example, are 4” high bins being used with 9” to 12” high openings?

5. Do your bins only consume part of the storage depth of your shelf, leaving unused airspace on the shelf behind the bins? For example, 12” bins should be used on 12” deep shelving, not on 15” deep shelving or higher.

6. Is there a lot of empty space within the plastic bins themselves? Plastic bins should be on average 70% to 80% parts storage auto dealership storage vertical parts room shuttles wichita falls weatherford abilene san angelo granbury texas ft worth dallas dfw tx longview

7. Have employees taken time off in the last year due to lifting, climbing, or other work-related injuries?

8. Are there inaccuracies accounting for inventory quantities or parts out of stock due to the lack of inventory management control?

9. Is pilferage of inventoried items a problem?

10. Do your employees have poor attitudes, frequent frustration, or overall low morale towards the current storage shelving system?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions above, then an automated vertical storage tower can make your parts room storage area more efficient.

Benefits of Using Motorized Automotive Vertical Storage Lifts in Your Parts Room

Depending on your ceiling height, you can have your entire parts inventory stored in one or two vertical storage towers. These motorized vertical storage units will save up to 85% of your parts room floor space (compared to traditional storage shelving). Vertical storage lifts also increase the productivity of parts room personnel by up to 66%. This is possible because parts stored on the vertical lift storage trays (up to 10′ wide) are brought directly to a waist-high ergonomic work counter (watch automotive parts storage video). Also, the vertical parts storage lift is equipped with integrated inventory management software/interface designed to increase productivity and provide management reports that will help you streamline your inventory costs.

automated small parts storage machine vertical lift storage trays waco hillsboro hewitt longview tyler texarkana garland richland hills denton wichita falls abilene texasAbout Motorized Automotive Vertical Parts Storage Lift Machines and Storage Trays

The vertical parts storage lift is a fantastic solution for most, if not all automotive parts storage rooms. These fully enclosed storage units consist of vertically arranged storage trays, an ergonomically designed work counter, computerized controls, and inventory management software/interface. Storage trays of parts are automatically brought to the operator at an ergonomic workstation with a push of a button. The storage trays are designed to hold anything from your smallest screw to an entire car engine. Storage trays are available in standard widths up to 10’ wide and up to 4’ deep (click here to watch a vertical lift in action).Motorized Vertical Automotive Parts Storage shuttles abilene san angelo wichta falls tyler longview waco sherman texarkana texas denton tx

Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 and let us help you assess if a Vertical Storage Lift will make your parts room more space-efficient and productive.

If you are interested in finding out how an automated vertical storage lift will improve your dealership’s parts room profitability, we have two options for you. First, you can call (1-800-803-1083) to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our sales engineers. They will be able to provide you with estimated space and productivity savings and give you budgetary costs. Second, we offer a free onsite space assessment of your parts room storage area providing a detailed proposal including plan drawings, space, and productivity savings, and return on investment calculations. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or click here to email us.