Kardex Remstar Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) for LEAN Parts Storage

Kardex Lift Modules store parts vertically to save floor space.

In Part 1 of the series (read here), we talked about four factors to consider when creating LEAN manufacturing and warehouse storage spaces:

1. Adaptability for Current and Future Needs

2. Functional Layout and Space Configuration

3. Safety and Comfort for Employees

4. Sustainable Technologies and Practices

In this part of the series, we are going to discuss how Kardex Remstar Automated Vertical Lift Modules, also known as Shuttle Modules, are an equipment solution for accomplishing these goals and doing more with less.

What are Kardex Remstar Motorized Vertical Lift Modules?Kardex Shuttles ergonomically store parts in less space

The KardexRemstar (VLM) is an enclosed storage system that consists of vertically arranged trays, an ergonomically designed extraction platform, computerized controls, and inventory management software. The Vertical Lift and Shuttle Storage Modules are heavy-duty units that can store both very small and large parts. To operate the Shuttle Storage System, an operator just has to push a button (or enter a part’s inventory number) and the Shuttle will find the part and deliver it for retrieval to the ergonomic work counter. (click here to view VLM photo gallery)

Kardex Remstar Vertical Storage Lift’s Flexible Modular Design

Store parts vertically in unused overhead airspace with Kardex VLMsThe Kardex Remstar VLM will adapt to your specific needs now and in the future because of its easy modular design. The unit height can be changed quickly and inexpensively to meet any changes of work flow or inventory in your warehouse or distribution center. Also, units can be designed in buildings extending up to eight floors or levels with eight different pick windows. The scalability of the Kardex Vertical Lift Module creates a modifiable space for your parts distribution, which helps to meet LEAN manufacturing goals.

Kardex Remstar Shuttles Save Space and Maximize Storage

Because the Kardex Shuttles extend vertically, they turn unused overhead space into productive storage space. The Vertical Lift Shuttle stores the same amount of parts and inventory as traditional bin shelving in 85% less floor space. Also, The Lift Module’s CubeStar® technology provides one inch adjustability for storage trays inside the unit, which allows every inch of storage to be maximized. The Kardex Lift’s small footprint optimizes your parts storage area layout by freeing up floor space that can be used for value-added manufacturing and assembly operations, allowing you to do more in less space. (view Kardex Shuttle case study video)

Kardex Remstar VLMs Provide a Safe Ergonomic Work EnvironmentSave space and store both big and small parts in Kardex Shuttles

All the parts requested from the Vertical Lift are delivered directly to the user at an ergonomic workstation. Workers can fill orders without wandering through aisles and searching aimlessly for parts. Not only does this system increase their productivity, but it prevents costly workers compensation injuries.

Kardex Remstar Vertical Lifts for Sustainable Warehouse Storage

The Kardex Remstar Shuttles are a great way to invest in sustainable technologies. Because they conserve so much floor space, you can build smaller buildings, and save energy and money on heating, cooling, and lighting your facility’s parts storage area. The Vertical Lifts also provide a quick return on investment (ROI). Typically Kardex Remstar customers can expect their ROI to be between 9 and 18 months. The Kardex Shuttle has been created and designed to allow companies looking for sustainable LEAN storage systems to remain competitive by saving floor space, eliminating waste, and doing more with less.

Stayed Tuned for Part 3 “More LEAN Storage Equipment with Spacesaver ActivRAC Pallet Racks on Tracks”

In the third part of the series that will be posted 3/12/12, we will inform you about how Spacesaver® ActivRAC™ Pallet Racks on Tracks can help you meet your LEAN manufacturing warehouse storage goals and do more with less. If you want more information on either Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) or Spacesaver® ActivRAC™ Pallet Racks on Tracks, call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us and we will put you in touch with one of our warehouse storage planning experts.