Store Restricted Files in Kardex Remstar Power File CabinetsKardex Lektriever Carousels Protect Confidential and Restricted Files

College Admissions Offices, doctor’s offices, and government agencies are just a few examples of institutions that have confidential files. If your business stores confidential or restricted files, then you need to know about the Electric Powered File Cabinet by Kardex Remstar. The Electric Powered File Cabinet guarantees effective security for confidential documents, improved ergonomics for workers, and increased productivity and file retrieval rates.

How the Kardex Electric Powered File Cabinets Work to Provide Safe Ergonomic Access to FilesSafe Ergonomic Automated Restricted File Storage

The Kardex Remstar Electric Powered File Cabinet (also known as a Lektriever, Elektriever, Mediastation, and Vertical Carousel) contains a series of vertically arranged revolving shelves that are controlled by an electronic push button keypad. With just the push of a button, the motorized shelves rotate like a carousel and deliver files to the operator at an ergonomically positioned waist high work counter. The motorized filing shelves can be designed to for top tab files, side tab files, boxes, and computer media or you can mix media within the same cabinet. The Lektriever Powered File Cabinet allows employees to access and retrieve files from a sitting or standing position without wasting time walking and searching. The ergonomic work counter eliminates reaching, bending, and twisting, which increases worker productivity. (view Kardex Elektriever photo gallery)Architectural Revit Models

Kardex Electriver Powered File Cabinets Secures and Protects Storage for Restricted Files

Kardex Remstar Elektriever Mediastation for confidential safe file storageWith bi-parting access doors, the Kardex Electriever Motorized Carousels will lock up at the end of the day or whenever management feels the need to secure confidential information stored in the carousel. The system’s Safety Information Panel (SIP) lets the staff know when the file cabinet is ready to operate. The SIP communicates information with a familiar traffic light design to quickly convey the status of the system to the operator. Kardex Electriver’s can provide total file security with the bi-parting cabinet doors or partial security with individual locking door shelves within the cabinet.

Kardex Lektriever Upright File Cabinets Stand Vertically Using Overhead Air Space to Consolidate Floor SpaceKardex Remstar Electric Powered Automated File Delivery System

By using a Kardex Electric Powered File Cabinets, you can save over half your file storage space. For example, a college admissions office was using traditional lateral five drawer filing cabinets taking up 820 square feet and two entire walls. Once they installed just two Kardex Electric File Carousels, they were able to reduce their file storage area to only 414 square feet, which is over a 50% savings in floor space. (view Kardex Electric Powered Cabinets in action)

Kardex Electric Powered File Cabinet Design, Planning, Installation and Maintenance Assistance

If you are interested in finding out more information on how Kardex Electric Powered File Cabinets will benefit your office, then give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us. One of our Kardex Remstar filing experts will help you design and plan the perfect filing system for your office. If you already have a Kardex Megastar Mediastation, we can provide you with service, parts, relocations, upgrades, or accessories.