The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor VRC is an efficient Parts Transportation SystemMaintenance and Repair Operations Parts Storage Project

Southwest Solutions Group® recently worked with a large manufacturing facility that wanted to improve their parts storage and parts transportation system in their maintenance and repair operations department. We worked with the parts room to install a one of a kind dual purpose 40 foot tall ASRS Vertical Lift (also known as a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor or a VRC), for parts storage and parts transportation which produced many positive results. (Click for Parts Storage Before & After Photos)

Before Installation of the New Parts Storage and Parts Transportation System

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Previously, the manufacturing company was using a two level mezzanine with drawers and parts bins on shelving for small to medium size parts storage. Each level of the mezzanine occupied 600 square feet of space, which combined was 1,200 square feet. They also used the third floor of the facility for large and heavy duty parts storage.

For an employee to pick a small part could take anywhere from five to ten minutes because of all the walking up and down stairs and bending and searching through parts bins. If the employee had to get a heavy duty part from the third floor, they had to use an elevator to transport the part to the first floor, which made parts picking very inefficient.

ASRS Vertical Lift Solves Parts Storage and Parts Transportation System Problems

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The ASRS Vertical Lift goes from the first floor all the way up the to third floor with two storage and retrieval access ports, one on the first floor and one on the third floor. Also, the Vertical Lift only occupies 119 square feet of floor space compared to the over 1,200 square feet using mezzanine storage. To gain efficient cube utilization for parts storage the small and medium size parts are housed in the ASRS Vertical Lift, which allowed the company to remove the mezzanine and shelving and recoup the floor space to create more office space to add new office cubicles. (More ASRS Vertical Lift photos)

The ASRS Vertical Lift brings parts to the employee, so they no longer have to spend time wondering around or walking up and down stairs, which has dramatically increased productivity. Also, because of the machine’s third floor access port, heavy duty parts can be transported to the first floor much easier and less time consuming via the Vertical Lift. Basically, the ASRS Vertical Lift serves a dual purpose as a parts storage unit and a parts transportation system. (Vertical Lift Parts Storage videos)

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Designing and Planning a Parts Storage and Parts Transportation System for Your Facility

If you want more information on the dual purpose ASRS Vertical Lift, call Southwest Solutions Group’s material handling experts at 1-800-803-1083 or send an email.

ASRS Vertical Lift Before & After Pictures

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