Rack up Extra Storage Space with Art Racks

Artwork Shelving Painting Storage Framed Artwork Racks Photograph shelves austin san antonio dallas fort worth houston corpus abileneBeing in charge of preserving historical framed artwork, paintings, and archival documents can be challenging especially when you have limited and expensive space. Typically, framed artwork and historical paintings are stored in high dollar climate controlled vaults with a halon fire suppression system, which makes the storage floor space very expensive to build and maintain. Outfitting your storage vault with proper racks and shelving equipment will organize and preserve your framed artwork collection from unnecessary handling and damage due to a lack of proper storage methods. Three innovative storage methods to accomplish organizing, protecting and maximizing storage floor space are floor mounted rolling art racks, ceiling supported sliding art racks, and stationary art shelving (click here to view artwork storage photo gallery).

Floor Mounted Rolling Framed Artwork Racks and Ceiling Supported Sliding Art Racks

Spacesaver Sliding Art Rack framed Artwork Storage Systems Museum Storage oklahoma city kansas wichita tulsa little rock memphis springdaleFloor mounted rolling framed artwork racks and ceiling supported sliding art racks accomplish the same goal but in slightly different methods. Both of these storage methods aid in organizing, preserving, and condensing framed artwork and painting storage. Both storage systems use large wire mesh art panels that are nested very close together to condense storage and maximize artwork storage density. Both hang artwork from wire mesh panels, which provides ventilation and air circulation to protect and preserve valuable artwork. The difference between the two art storage systems is one uses floor mounted rails to support the wire mesh hanging artwork panels and the other uses ceiling supported track systems that the wire mesh artwork panels slide on.

Floor Mounted Rolling Art Racks by Spacesaver® Corporation

rolling wire panels framed Art Racks Preserving Artwork Protecting prints saving space beaumont harlingen huntsville tyler fort worth sherman plano waco college stationRolling Art Racks by Spacesaver® mount wire mesh panels onto moving bases that roll together to condense wire mesh art storage panels. The moving art panels roll from left to right and vice versa to create one moveable access aisle to retrieve and store artwork. This framed artwork storage system maximizes storage floor space by eliminating the need for multiple access aisles.

Ceiling Supported Sliding Art Racks by Spacesaver® Corporation

stationary framed artwork storage picture prints storage shelving rogers jackson overland park columbia branson st joseph bartlesville topekaSliding Art Racks hang wire mesh panels to tracks secured to overhead ceiling joists. The art panel tracks are mounted very close together to condense and maximize the storage of framed artwork. Wire mesh panels storing hanging artwork slide in and out of the storage area into an open area to access stored artwork.

How Much Space Can I Save Using Rolling or Sliding Art Rack Storage Systems?

Calculating how much floor space you will save using rolling and sliding art rack systems, depends on several factors such as how you are currently storing your artwork. If you have artwork stacked on the floor against the wall, don’t be surprised if you reduce your art collection storage space by a half or even a quarter of the current space. Space isn’t the only important factor in storing historical art collections though; being able to organize your artwork reduces handling, and hanging artwork on panels protects your art from water, insects, and rodents.

Stationary Framed Art and Painting Storage Shelving

Space Saving Artwork Storage wire mesh hanging art panels Efficient Artwork Storage Floor Mounted Rolling Art Racks dallas houston san antonio austin okc kansas cityStationary Artwork Storage Shelving is great for storing smaller to medium size artwork collections. For example, many businesses have framed art and prints stacked against the wall on the floor. Stationary art storage shelving provides an efficient way to store these paintings and prints in this type of situation. Stationary art shelving comes in standard widths from 30” to 48” and standard depths from 12” to 36”, and practically any height you need. The shelving uses optional vertical rods spaced 9” to 12” apart to segregate and organize artwork into storage cubbies by size or type. Because the art shelving is adjustable, you can create different sized storage openings to organize your artwork efficiently by size (click here to see art photograph storage cabinets).

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