Pharmacy and Hospital Prescription drug sliding storage systemPaying attention to detail and providing fast service is extremely important for pharmacies because people are relying on them for life saving medicines. It is very challenging to meet the needs of patients and doctors when all of your pharmaceuticals and medical supply products are not properly organized in the right type of equipment. You end up spending all your time looking for medicines and pharmaceuticals instead of filling the prescriptions. Well we have an innovative solution to help you get organized and provide faster service, all in less floor space. The solution is RX Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders with Shelving Cabinets.

Bi-Storage Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders with RX CabinetsWhat are Pharmacy Sliders with RX Shelving Cabinets?

Bi-Storage Pharmacy Sliders are specially designed RX shelving cabinets placed on floor tracks. The customizable cabinets allow you to have open shelving, doors, or drawers that are designed especially for drug products and other medical product storage. These RX shelving cabinets are then placed on a sliding track system two (Bi-Storage) or three (Tri-Storage) deep. The Pharmacy Sliders work by placing RX shelving cabinets one in front of the other with the back RX shelving cabinets sitting stationary on the floor and the front RX shelving cabinets on moving wheels that roll from side to side on the floor tracks from left to right or vice versa. There is always at least one less sliding or rolling RX shelving cabinet in front of the stationary cabinets so you can access the back RX cabinets.

Benefits of Pharmacy Sliders with RX Shelving CabinetsPharmacy Sliders for storing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

The innovative design of the Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage cabinets allows you to store active pharmaceuticals in the front shelving units and inactive medicines in the back. This way you know where the medicines and drugs are that you use most often. Also, by converting your stationary shelving to Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders you free up about 40% of your floor space. Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Sliders open the pharmacy area up enhancing visibility and the flow of people traffic. Now, you can save time looking for products because they are condensed in a smaller area. This will speed up your customer service so you can be efficient and quick. Another important benefit to the Pharmacy Sliders is that you can add locking doors to the RX cabinets, which provide extra security for certain narcotics. Click here to view our complete Healthcare Photo Gallery.

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