lab furniture modular casework vs built-in millworkPeople have been using traditional built-in millwork in their laboratories for years, so why change now? Because traditional built-in millwork isn’t cost-effective, and its inflexibility just doesn’t cut it anymore in our technologically-run and ever-changing world. It’s time to step up your game with Hamilton Sorter’s scientific modular laboratory casework. The fact that the casework is modular ensures a functional and adaptable laboratory space while the superior quality delivers a safe and productive environment for many years to come.

Create Your Own Custom Scientific Modular Laboratory Casework

Because Hamilton Sorter offers a huge variety of standard pieces for their scientific modular laboratory casework, it’s easy to modify and create custom solutions without the custom price tag. For example, standard components can be used to create mobile applications. Lockable drawers and doors with individually keyed locks provide secure storage for expensive equipment. Durable phenolic resin work surfaces and integrated sinks can stand up to harsh chemicals and are easy to clean.

High Quality Construction for Long-Lasting Furniture

Typically, built-in millwork is welded, which can be cheaper upfront. Too bad it’s also cheaper quality. It easily rusts and panels can’t be replaced, meaning you have to tear it all out and throw it away – just to make a change!

On the other hand, scientific modular laboratory casework isn’t welded. Instead, it’s riveted for extra strength and longevity. The casework is connected with “U” rivets that link the seams and create double lined cabinets. Other additional benefits of rivet construction include:

  • twice the fatigue life as spot-welds and with the same static tensile and peel strength
  • rivet cabinet construction makes the quality of the attachment clearly visible
  • panel replacement without damage to joined parts is easy
  • varying materials and thicknesses can be joined together
  • every panel is powder coated prior to assembly and maintains a 2.5 mil coating on all surfaces
  • greatly reduced possibility of rust out especially important in the seams

hamilton sorter's scientific modular laboratory caseworkStill Not Sure You’re Ready for Modular Casework in Your Lab?

Do you still need help deciding between built-in millwork and modular casework for your lab? Check out this blog post we wrote about another lab that had to make the same decision, and find out their reasons for going with scientific modular laboratory casework.

Also, you can give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with one of our modular casework experts that will happily answer all of your questions!