flexible office casework modular movable millwork dallas houston san antonio austin little rock kansas city oklahoma memphis beaumont tulsa wichitaReusable Modular Millwork Offers Environmental Benefits

When you are designing a work space, it’s easy to focus on what’s needed right now; however, architectural design work that stands the test of time is flexible enough to take the future into account as well. If you are planning an office or health-care facility, it’s safe to assume that the space will undergo some form of remodeling within the next 5-10 years. The design choices you make now will influence future cost savings and the impact on our environment. Incorporating modular casework and movable millwork, will dramatically reduce future casework purchases and the impact on our landfills. Modular millwork and moveable casework will also affect whether you capture cost savings on your current project through LEED tax incentives.

moveable case work modular millwork and stainless steel medical cabinets designModular Millwork Design Features and Benefits

Unlike traditional casework, modular millwork isn’t built in to your walls. Instead, modular millwork is movable and flexible to change when you remodel or relocate. This means you can reuse modular casework in the following ways:

    • Reconfigure (flexibility to change doors and drawers)
    • Relocate (ability to move within your office or move to a new facility)
    • Repair (ability to easily replace broken or worn parts like drawer fronts and doors)

metal base cabinets movable millwork metal modular casework dallas houston brownsville oklahoma city kansas memphis little rock san antonio austin ft worthRepairing millwork is especially important in locations where casework cabinets get a lot of use. At Southwest Solutions Group, we know that the easier cabinets are to fix, the more likely repairs will be made instead of ending up in the landfill. If any components like hinges, handles, or drawer slides are ever broken or worn beyond the point of usefulness, it’s easy to order a new part and install it on site.

Metal and Stainless Steel Modular Casework

metal medical modular millwork movable casework reconfigurable millwork millwork design Houston Dallas Little Rock Kansas CityThe core components of modular casework cabinets must retain their integrity over time to have real value. Many modular casework products (and most built in cabinets) have a wood base. In institutional and corporate settings where floors are mopped regularly, there’s no way to keep moisture from seeping into the wood. Liquid spills or plumbing leaks lead to flooding, which poses a problem for all-wood cabinets because mold and deterioration are the natural result of exposure to water. Our flexible casework products have steel bases to keep wood components high and dry, yet still aesthetically pleasing.

Read more about our reusable LEED supported modular millwork/casework and how it can save you time and money here!

metal medical modular millwork movable casework reconfigurable millwork millwork design Houston Dallas Little Rock Kansas City