exam room casework medical lab casework medical office furniture healthcare storageMovable Medical Millwork Is Sustainable & Practical

Of all the ways to be more sustainable, reusing existing products is the one that gives you the most significant results. That’s because reuse of products like medical movable millwork has almost zero impact on the environment. Not even top notch energy usage reduction, waste reduction, and recycling programs can claim this level of efficiency. Every time your healthcare organization makes the decision to reuse what you have, that’s one less manufacturing process taking place at the front end and one less waste disposal or recycling process required at the back end. That’s why reusable millwork is recognized as a solution that counts toward LEED certification. (click here to view our stainless steel casework photo gallery, modular lab casework, or our entire portfolio of modular casework solutions.

medical modular millwork medical office furniture science lab furniture movable medical millworkOld Hospital Casegoods Don’t Meet Today’s Standards

When you work in an industry like healthcare, every decision about how to spend your funds affects your ability to provide the best care for patients. Traditionally, casework has been supplied to hospitals and clinics in built-in form for decades. If you want to reconfigure the walls or the shelving, you have to rip everything out, throw it in the landfill, and start over. The process of removing built-in millwork typically causes so much damage to the components (especially wood and composites) that they aren’t fit for anything but the landfill. Installing new casework every time there is a change in layout is an expense few hospitals and clinics can really afford.

medical millwork-medical furniture-modular casework-modular millwork-laboratory furnitire-medical furnitureFlexible Casework Provides Long Lasting Solutions

Stainless steel and metal reconfigurable casework is designed with change in mind from the start. It can be demounted and reinstalled with ease when you remodel, move, or expand any facility. Use of Agion anti-microbial paint prevents the spread of germs, reducing noscomial infections (click here to read more). Stainless steel and high quality laminate surface materials never go out of fashion in healthcare settings because they are simple to disinfect and stand up well to constant use. If you do eventually feel like a style update, a set of new drawer pulls or cabinet handles could give your hospital modular casework an affordable facelift.healthcare casework medical casework medical millwork medical lab casework

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