Fire Station Storage Fire Department Storage Firehose Rack System Fire Hose RackIs your fire station storage area a disaster? When the alarm sounds, you need quick access to all the fire tools and equipment to respond quickly to an emergency.  Organizing fire station equipment and supplies saves floor space and keeps your station prepared for duty.  We provide innovative storage solutions to organize fire department equipment and tools for quick and easy retrieval (click to view fire station photos). 

Firehose Racks Developed and Tested by Firefightersfire hose racks for online purchase fire station equipment storage

Simplicity in design makes the Firehose Rack system a cost-effective storage solution that saves space while providing easy access. The Firehose Racks keep hoses organized and ready for action. The canopy top shelf provides additional, out of the way, but easily accessible storage for hard suction sections to hi-rise packs and more while acting as a dust shield to keep hoses cleaner. The Firehose Racks store hoses upright, wound, and cradled in the rack assembly, which keeps them off the floor.  There are no sharp edges to damage fire hoses and the open design increases air circulation, ensuring a longer life for your fire hoses.

Modern Food Pantry Shelving Food Pantry Unit Sliding Shelving Pantry Rolling Food PantrySecure Personal Items and Food in Modern Food Pantry Shelving

The fire station is your home away from home and when you come home, you want your personal gear and groceries to be there.  Our innovative food pantry shelving keeps your personal items and food organized and secure. Personal items and food is stored on shelves that slide left to right to maximize storage.  If you want to retrieve your Mac and Cheese on the back shelving unit, just slide the front shelving unit over.  There is also enough room in the unit to store a refrigerator, so all of your food can be kept together. The best part is that the unit has one large rolling lockable security door (with optional automatic remote controls), so no one else can have access to your food and personal items without your permission.

Modular Casework Movable Millwork Cabinets Movable caseworkModular Casework Cabinets

Modular casework and moveable millwork cabinets are excellent choices for break rooms, copy rooms and work areas.  These pre-manufactured high quality cabinets look like traditional built-in cabinets but are designed for flexibility.  Their flexible design allows you to create efficient cabinet work areas with adjustable mail slots, rolled plan drawings cubbies, file drawers, office supplies storage, and a large counter work area.   The casework is also environmentally friendly because you can reuse and move it.Modular Stainless Steel Casework Cabinets Environmentally friendly storage Stainless Steel Millwork

We also provide modular stainless steel casework cabinets for evidence areas.  Stainless steel is the perfect solution to prevent contamination of evidence.  Because the casework is made of stainless steel, it is protected from harsh chemicals and water damage.

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