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Last updated: March 25, 2021

Spacesaver Weapons Racks & Armory Cabinets

Secure your weapons, ammunition, optics, radios, and other critical gear with Spacesaver high-security weapons racks and armory cabinets. Weapons storage racks and cabinets are used by military, police, firearm training facilities, and unit and battalion armories to provide space-efficient secure storage. Weapon cabinet interiors are flexible to accommodate a variety of types, sizes, and gear. Weapon cabinets are flexible to change as your weapon requirements change. Weapon cabinets are fully stackable to maximize armory storage space. All weapon cabinets can be ganged together without the use of chains.

Spacesaver Transportable Mobile Weapon Racks and Armory Cabinets

Weapons racks and armory cabinets can be designed with heavy-duty casters for weapon mobility. Weapons are held securely in place meeting TACOM security requirements so there is no reason to zero them in after transportation.

Spacesaver High-Density Rolling Weapon Storage Racks for Armory storage

Spacesaver weapon racks are pre-engineered to be placed on high-density rolling track storage systems. These high-density rolling track storage systems allow you to maximize your armory floorspace and keep all your weapons in one convenient, central location. High-density rolling weapon racks double your armory storage capacity in the same space. High-density armory storage systems have access PIN control touchpads to prevent unauthorized access. The touchpad controls audits who accessed the storage system and when they accessed the system.

Designing A Secure Space Efficient Weapons Storage System

Southwest Solutions Group designs weapon racks, high-density weapon storage systems, and RFID weapon tracking systems. Contact us today for a no-cost analysis of your weapon area or armory.

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“As a BIM Manager, I have been making BIM library families from scratch and creating/adapting vendor families for years for a variety of commercial projects. Today I was literally breathless when first seeing the quality of families from Southwest Solutions Group. They have real parametric controls, are conscientious of the digital weight and aesthetically wowing. Not only are these families better than any vendor I have seen… I couldn’t have done it better myself! Fantastic work!”

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