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Last updated: October 25, 2017

a quick bike storage fix for residential tenants

bike wall brackets organize and store bicycles vertically for residential areasA residential building was having a serious issue with bicycle storage and organization. There was no bicycle storage system in place for the building's tenants, who were in the habit of pushing their bicycles into a pile in the building's common storage area, leaving it in disarray and the property management and other tenants trying to access the room with a serious headache. The solution was to install easily accessible bike storage wall brackets to organize bicycles for residential tenants and keeps the common room neat and tidy for other residents.

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how the bike wall brackets saved space & improved organization

Although the bike storage wall brackets are designed to bolt directly to the existing wall, the storage room needed additional support at several weak points in the walls and around the windows. The building's bicycle storage room was prepared with new floors and fresh paint. A steel support system was supplied and installed along the walls that needed additional support. With this, the bike storage wall brackets were able to be hung easily within the tenant storage area while the rest of the brackets were attached directly to the wall as intended. The result is an improved, efficient, and organized bicycle storage room that is easily accessed by tenants.

The bike storage wall brackets are made of heavy duty 11 gauge 1/8" thick steel and 6' long aircraft-grade cable that connects to a mounting base to secure bicycles. There are two 1/2" round holes designed for wall mounting the bikes. At the end of the cable, a loop allows padlock use for extra security. A clear vinyl coating on the cable protects the bicycle's finish and a vinyl sleeve on the hanger also prevents the wheel rim from scuffing or scratching. Brackets come with two pre-drilled holes for easier mounting. Options for tube systems to hang bikes at the center of a room are also available. Wall brackets come standard with a black finish, but other color options are available to choose from.

bike storage wall brackets organize bicycles for residential tenants

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for bicycle wall brackets for hanging and storing bikes vertically in residential, institutional, or commercial buildings. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. You can also view bicycle wall brackets online at WireCrafters®. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.



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