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Last updated: August 06, 2018

Sliding Shelving Storage Revit BIM Models

revit bim models double triple quad deep sliding shelving storage on tracksSouthwest Solutions Group® Revit BIM models are available for double, triple, and quad deep sliding shelving storage on tracks, a storage solution that optimizes your existing floor space by mounting shelves on mobile tracks. The shelving consists of multiple rows of shelving sections that slide back and forth to provide easy and quick access to the back rows of shelving. Sliding shelving storage offers up to three times the file storage capacity of traditional filing cabinets and static shelves, and stores all of your materials in half the space.

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The tracks can accommodate letter-size, legal-size, box-size, and industrial plastic bin shelving to meet your specific storage needs, including four-post and case-type shelving. For even more savings, you can even mount your existing shelving on the sliding tracks.

The sliding shelving allows you to store files, folders, boxes, supplies, and more all in the same unit so you can centralize your storage for quick and easy access. Centralizing your storage allows your staff to fine, store, and retrieve what they need quickly and efficiently. For example, many users store archival boxes and records in the back stationary shelving units and keep active files and frequently-accessed items in the front sliding units.

For more information see the different product tables below to help you choose the right sliding shelving system for your requirements.  

Sliding shelves for storing letter-size files (12" deep shelves)

Sliding shelves for storing legal-size files (15" deep shelves)

Sliding shelves for storing boxes (16" deep shelves)

revit bim models

Industrial sliding shelves storing plastic bins (18" deep shelves)

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