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Last updated: September 23, 2015

consolidate warehouse space with a mobilized storage system

mobilized storage system for storing automotive partsTraditional static storage can waste about 64% of storage space. Wasting space also means wasting time, limiting profits, and decreased customer and employee satisfaction because of unorganized, inefficient storage that leads to delayed order processing. What if you could free up more than 50% of your existing storage space without even having to expand your facility? That's exactly what a large automotive manufacturer did with a mobilized storage system for storing spare automotive parts and production machinery to consolidate space and improve efficiency.

solutions for storing spare automotive parts and production machinery

The automotive manufacturer mentioned previously was having trouble effectively storing spare parts and other machinery for automotives using static pallet racking. On top of that, they needed to avoid expanding their facility and their storage space was already maxed ou. Their storage also needed to be organized for easier access to improve efficiency. In short, they needed to completely reorganize their 5,000 square feet of storage.mobilized storage system for spare automotive parts

The solution for the automotive manufacturer for storing spare automotive parts and production machinery was a mobilized storage system that moved side-to-side on a rail system. The carriages can be configured with new or existing pallet racking, shelving, or cabinets, depending on your needs. The carriages consolidate space by removing unnecessary aisle space and can be moved manually or automatically to create aisles as needed, doubling the amount of storage space in the same footprint as static shelving. The motorized storage system can store everything from small gaskets and motors to pumps and transformers.

mobilized storage system operation

The pallets can be accessed by forklift. The system is equipped with a remote control that allows the forklift operator to select and open an aisle before even reaching the storage unit. Users can also simply push a button located on each carriage to open a 12 foot wide aisle.

With the new mobilized storage system, the automotive manufacturing company was able to implement an efficient solution for storing automotive parts and production machinery without having to expand their facility or increase their footprint, and even gained 54% more storage capacity with room for even more. Even with the increase in the number of items stored in the warehouse, employees can access, locate, and deliver items faster than ever before.

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