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storage solutions for enhancing productivity in automotive dealerships

automated vertical storage enhances service workstation productivity in automotive dealershipsWhen servicing customers in automotive dealerships at service counters, the operator often has to help a waiting customer or employee by looking up a part or item number, and then retrieving it. If the automotive dealership uses bins of shelving as storage, then the operator must leave the service counter and search through the rows of shelving to find the part. This leaves the customer alone and also doesn't allow the operator to communicate with other arriving customers. Vertical storage solutions allow you to enhance workstation efficiency and productivity in automotive dealerships by allowing the operator to quickly find and retrieve needed parts.

benefits of enhancing workstation productivity with vertical storage solutions

Vertical storage solutions allow you to enhance workstation productivity in automotive dealerships by storing parts close to the point of use. Vertical storage eliminates the need for rows and aisles, so the operator is always in view and available to the customer and to other staff. In addition, parts are much easier to retrieve with automated vertical storage because the parts are brought directly to the operator. Other additional benefits include:

  • Reduction of walk and search time
  • Faster picking, as items are presented to the operator
  • Operator visibility at all times
  • Ergonomic design prevents worker injury and reduces fatigue
  • Improved working conditions, increasing employee retention and reducing training and education for new personnel

enhance workstation efficiency with vertical storage in automotive dealerships

In addition, automated vertical storage solutions also provide many benefits toward customer satisfaction:

  • Faster response time leads to increased satisfaction and sales
  • Less fatigued operators are better able to serve customers and solve problems or questions
  • Operator activity is visible and operators are able to greet arriving customers without sacrificing productivity
  • Customers are not frustrated by apparent lack of help at service counters because the operators are always visible
  • Automated vertical storage units demonstrate your dealership's commitment to providing the highest grade of service

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