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Last updated: July 18, 2017

automotive manufacturer personnel lockers

automotive manufacturer ETO secure personnel lockersLast summer, a large automotive manufacturer ordered 200 additional engineered-to-order (ETO) secure personnel lockers. This 200 locker opportunity was a repeat order for the automotive manufacturer that stemmed from a successful previous ETO locker for their operations several years ago, an order that was for 400 lockers.

ETO secure personnel lockers

The purpose of these ETO lockers is to maintain security and provide superior functionality. At the automotive manufacturer, both the production and maintenance employees need to be able to access the same locker. However, the maintenance employees don't need full access to the locker; they only need to access a portion of it to leave behind clean uniforms and retrieve the dirty ones. With this in mind, the secure personnel lockers were designed and engineered to meet this need.

secure automotive manufacturer personnel lockers

Since the maintenance employees wouldn't have full access to the locker, a small "closet" door was designed inside each locker's full-size door. This smaller compartment allows the maintenance employees to exchange clean and dirty uniforms without being able to access the rest of the locker. This limited access provides extra security for the production employees by allowing them to store their personal belongings in the remainder of the locker.

To meet the automotive manufacturer's layout needs, these lockers were engineered as single-wide and triple-wide lockers. The triple-wide locker is three lockers connected to a single unit. The secure automotive personnel lockers also include shelves and hooks for employees to hang and organize their personal belongings. With the organization and accessibility the personnel lockers offer, productivity and efficiency in the automotive dealership has improved.

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