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Last updated: July 19, 2017

organizing automotive parts with batch picking software

batch picking inventory management software for organizing automotive parts departmentKeeping automotive parts organized in parts departments is extremely important to the efficiency and longevity of automotive dealerships. Otherwise, employees waste valuable customer time searching for parts. Batch picking inventory management software for automotive parts organization helps save time and money by providing a high level of inventory control, reduced time spent parts picking, and improved order picking accuracy.

features of batch picking inventory management software for automotive dealerships

The batch picking software easily integrates and interfaces with a wide variety of DMS (Dealer Management Systems) to streamline inventory control and parts picking. The software automatically generates a pick ticket from the DMS and positions your automatic sending and receiving equipment for retrieval. Products are delivered directly to the operator, allowing multiple orders to be fulfilled at once. In addition, replenishment modules provide software controls that allow operators to download, enter, and build receipts into the system from a host computer by scanning the part number and quantity.

Additional features of batch picking inventory software include:

  • Full integration into your dealership's business operations with fully licenses integration packages
  • Verification of picking with dynamic imaging
  • Internet-based help and technical support
  • A wide variety of supervisory reports and options
  • Pick-to-light batch picking for even faster order processing

benefits of batch picking inventory management software

There are many additional benefits of automotive parts organization with batch picking software, including:automotive parts organization using batch picking inventory software

  • Synchronization of parts databases, including parts additions, deletions, supersessions, and bin changes
  • Automatic sales orders and repair orders
  • Reconciliation reports that can be scheduled daily or on-demand
  • Easy review of inventory discrepancies
  • Eliminates walking time associated with parts picking--without batch picking software, employees spend as much as 60% of their picking time searching and traveling
  • Easy integration with storage carousels and automatic sending and receiving systems
  • Virtually eliminates picking errors
  • Faster order fulfillment

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, and implementation services to automotive dealerships looking to improve their automotive parts organization with batch picking inventory management software. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your automotive dealership's exact needs for your automotive parts organization. To learn more or to speak with an automotive storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-10803 or send us a message today.


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