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Last updated: July 19, 2017

automotive parts and tools storage for more efficient organization

automotive parts and tools storage for automotive dealershipsThe parts department is central to the organization and efficiency of any automotive dealership. A disorganized parts department means employees can't find what they need and leads to inaccurate inventories, sudden stock-outs, inefficient storage space usage, and decreased promptness with customer orders. Combining the right software with the right computer system for automotive parts and tools storage greatly helps with production parts department organization.

Efficient implementation and usage of a hardware and software storage system includes a vast number of benefits, including increased productivity, more efficient and lower-cost inventory processes, faster order picking and processing, maximized use of storage and floor space, and more aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and customers.

types of automotive parts and tools storage systems

Generally, automotive manufacturers will want to consider three types of automotive parts storage systems. 

  • Conventional storage systems consist of stationary shelving, racks, and bins. They are most effective for storing large items that are not accessed frequently or items that are stored in bulk.
  • AS/RS systems include vertical carousels and lifts, which store huge loads of items in relatively small footprints compared to conventional storage. Since the items are delivered directly to the operator, they're very efficient for order batching. In addition, they also have security measures that limit access to parts.
  • High density storage systems include modular drawers and cabinets and mobile cabinets. These systems are ideal for storing medium to small items. Using a combination of high density and AS/RS systems can save your production parts department a large sum of money by consolidating storage.

production parts department organization for automotive dealershipsAll of these types of storage systems are most effective when combined with a software system. Software manages inventory in automotive parts and tools storage and determines performance indicators, and can also be integrated with optional software such as pick-to-light order batching.

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