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Last updated: February 08, 2021

Automotive tool supply cabinet besting technology

automotive tool supply cabinetSomeone claimed that interest in the auto repair trade was tapering off a few years ago. The reason for this was an increase in available technology. Reports say the automotive industry is prime to receive increasing technology sometime soon. It has not succeeded in digging its heels in yet, though. We have the storage to prove it. A long-time favorite is the automotive tool supply cabinet. It has the capacity to best anything technology has to offer. One look at its small compartment pullout bin storage drawer units and you'll agree. Read more articles on automotive storage racks, shelving and drawers.

Small part pullout bin storage drawer help improve supply management

Small part pullout bin storage drawer units accept adjustable partitions and divider compartments. Units function well without them, though. Adding them means more efficient use of space. Each act as a secure barrier, while dividing space so everything becomes accommodated. This ensures that inventory does not mix together whenever rummaged through. Supplies are not strewn about the unit, either. Everything is kept separate, yet consolidated into one space for improved supply management.shelving with drawers cabinet configurator

Automotive tool supply cabinet ideal for any application

The automotive tool supply cabinet is ideal for a wide range of applications. This includes distribution facilities, maintenance departments to name a few. Units come with shelving fit for accommodating other items. Heavy supplies of large and medium-size fit on shelves located above and below the small part compartment pull bin storage drawer section. Drawer shelving units are available in varying sizes to meet user needs. Pick from three widths, including 36", 42", and 48". Unit shelf depths are 18" and 24", while heights are either 75" or 87". Features include:

Drawer shelving:

  • Closed sides and back panels
  • Floor anchor kit (shelving with drawers must be anchored to the floor)
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Drawers and drawer mounting brackets
  • Drawers come with or without adjustable partitions and divider compartments
  • Four-hundred-pound load capacity, per drawer. Each with absolute extension for full access to contents
  • Custom configurations available, toosmall part compartment pullout bin storage drawer

Drawer shelving shelf capacities:

Shelf capacities based on evenly distributed loads.

  • 36" wide by 18" deep - 800 lbs per shelf
  • 36" wide by 24" deep - 625 lbs per shelf
  • 42" wide by 18" deep - 650 lbs per shelf
  • 42" wide by 24" deep - 650 lbs per shelf
  • 48" wide by 18" deep - 575 lbs per shelf
  • 48" wide by 24" deep - 600 lbs per shelf

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