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Efficiently Store, Retrieve and Manage Automotive Service Department Parts

manage auto parts inventory with automated vertical storage systems

Automotive service departments are all about parts management. Getting vehicles in, serviced and out quickly maximizes dealership profits while making sure the customer has a positive experience. Having an efficient parts management system is essential to getting this done. Typical shelving system s with bins can waste valuable time and create an inventory nightmare. Automated Vertical Storage Systems are designed to efficiently store, retrieve, and manage parts in automotive service departments so that you can maximize your time and space. (view images of Automated Vertical Storage Systems) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How Auto Dealership Automated Vertical Storage Systems Work

automated vertical storage systems save space in automotive service

Automated Vertical Storage Systems store parts in trays or shelves. With the push of a button, the parts trays (or shelves) are delivered to the operator at an ergonomically positioned work counter. There are two main types of Automated Vertical Storage Systems: Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lifts. The Vertical Carousels are ideal for small and medium size bins that are the same size, and the Vertical Lifts work great for small, medium, and larger parts of random sizes.

Each of the Automated Vertical Storage Systems can be equipped with software that interfaces with dealer management software to provide a high level of inventory control and reduce parts picking time while improving order picking accuracy. The software provides detailed inventory management reports to eliminate overstocked items and stock-outs.

Benefits to Using Automated Vertical Storage Systems for Storing Automotive Service Department Parts

Here are just some of the benefits Automated Vertical Storage Systems provide:automotive service departments use vertical storage systems to store and retrieve parts

  • Saves up to 85% of Your Floor Space Compared to Bin Shelving
  • Eliminates Overstocking and Stock-outs
  • Increase Picking Accuracy and Productivity
  • Provides Parts Security
  • Eliminates Bending and Climbing to Retrieve Parts
  • Improves Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Increased Service Technician Billing Efficiency

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