Endoscope Cabinets for Meeting Storage & Drying Guidelines

To assist healthcare facilities in reducing the risk of cross-contamination between patients who undergo endoscopic procedures, AAMI ST91 “Flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in health care facilities” was released. The idea is to reduce the risk of HAIs associated with endoscope procedures. Part of the new guidelines for scope storage state: endoscopes should hang vertically […]

Why Choose Hamilton Sorter’s Scientific Modular Laboratory Casework

People have been using traditional built-in millwork in their laboratories for years, so why change now? Because traditional built-in millwork isn’t cost-effective, and its inflexibility just doesn’t cut it anymore in our technologically-run and ever-changing world. It’s time to step up your game with Hamilton Sorter’s scientific modular laboratory casework. The fact that the casework is […]

Tempest Automated Washer for Cleaning Surgical Instruments

Problems Associated with Manually Cleaning Surgical Instruments Surgical instruments are getting smaller and more complex, which is great for the surgeon and patient but it makes them harder to really clean. If the equipment can’t be cleaned, then it can’t be sterilized. Some of the challenges associated with the manual cleaning of surgical instruments include: […]

Universal Solar Powered Battery Charger for USB Devices

Keep Your USB Devices Charged with Solar Power Our state-of-the-art, palm-sized Universal Solar Powered Battery Charger works off of direct sunlight for recharging. Most of the solar products that have come on the market in recent years have been made of poor quality and only have the capability of charging themselves through direct current versus […]

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