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Last updated: February 08, 2021

Spacesver® Athletic Equipment Storage Shelving Solutions

Get your athletic facility organized with space saving storage shelving from Spacesaver. We specialize in space saving athletic equipment storage shelving that can cut your athletic storage floor space requirements in half or double your athletic storage in the same floor space. Spacesaver storage shelving systems are so flexible they can store virtually anything, no matter how big or small the item. We have installed storage systems for professional teams, collegiate teams, high schools, training facilities, sports camps and athletic retail stores. Click here to learn more about high density mobile revit bim models

We Know Athletic Storage Shelving

Our team of knowledgeable sales professionals will work with you to fully understand your unique storage challenges and design an innovative storage solution to save your organization time and floor space. Whether you are managing a storage facility for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, swimming, soccer, lacrosse or any other sport, we have a space saving storage solution to make your facility operate more efficiently. Call us toll free at 1-888-984-RACK and let us help you design your athletic facility.

Benefits of Using Spacesaver Athletic Shelving to Organize and Save Floor Space

Some of the benefits of Spacesaver Athletic Equipment Shelving are:

  • Deliver twice the storage capacity of static storage units
  • Let you centralize storage for quick suit-ups and easy equipment management
  • Flexible enough to store large items and small items in the same shelving unit
  • Are easily sub-divided to accommodate equipment storage for multiple sports
  • Can incorporate a wide variety of storage options in one system:
  • Specialized storage bags or bins for shoes and bulky uniforms and protective gear
  • Lockers and hanging racks for street clothes
  • Drawers and cabinets for training gear and medical and office supplies
  • Provide proper equipment ventilation
  • Prevent theft with proven security features like lockable units, keypad entry systems and remote access control
  • Can be designed to accommodate more than one user at a time
  • Are easily reconfigured when your needs change
  • Can include laminate countertop areas for efficient equipment checkout and repair


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