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Last updated: July 09, 2019

High density mobile machine systems transform space

high denisty mobile machine systemsThe equipment room at a prestigious university needed a makeover after the existing storage wasted valuable space. Located in an inadequate place with concrete flooring, the static storage was crafted from wooden shelving. Accessibility was not ideal, as aisles could only be entered with help from a skid or pallet. This meant that floor space to accommodate wider than normal aisles had to used, wasting space. This left staff and students no choice but to find other, less attractive ways to store gear and equipment. This included stacking tubs of equipment and gear on the counter tops and in other places around the room. No matter how the room was adapted, it couldn't cope with the makeshift storage method. It just didn't function well enough for the football program to perform at the standard it was used to. A suitable alternative needed to be found. The chosen solution, high density mobile machine systems, was implemented. The systems transform sport space and improve function along the way. Click here to see how high density mobile machine systems maximize floor space. 

High density mobile machine systems have more storing capacity

The flexibility of these high density mobile machine systems presented the staff with a unique opportunity when it came to deciding on a design. And because the systems are made to customers' liking, design elements such as special graphics were added to the outer panels of the high density mobile machine systems. This provided an enhanced experience for recruits looking to secure a spot at the university. In addition, three times the amount of previously wasted space could finally be put to good use. This was made possible because of its ability to compact when operated with the assistance of a handle shaped like a spoke. When the handle is turned, the system's carriages move back-and-forth creating more storing capacity and transform sport space to improve function.

Adaptable high density mobile machine systems

transform sport space improving functionThe adaptability of these high density mobile machine systems proved beneficial for the student equipment managers. When it came time to carry out tasks such as folding clothes, for example, less labor was needed to successfully complete the job. This was because the systems were built to counter height and could serve as both a work surface and storage space. This meant that while that tasked was being performed, inventory could be checked on and maintained at the same time. This increased productivity levels and made for a better use of time, especially when having to prepare for practice and game days. Watch high density mobile machine systems in action. 

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