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Last updated: May 22, 2020

Picking Small Parts in Assembly Areas & Production Lines

temporary supply storage in assembly area production linesAny company involved in mass production lines knows how difficult it is to keep their assembly line of spare parts, components, and other small parts running efficiently. Warehouses typically use buffer storage to help keep the lines moving, but these storage systems often don't supply the just-in-time retrieval capabilities that are needed. With its automated sending and retrieval capabilities as well as its own management software, temporary supply storage vertical buffer systems in assembly area production lines are a great solution for picking small parts and inventory when you need an efficient and fast production flow. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Temporary Supply Storage Modules Enhance Order Picking

The temporary supply storage buffer module stores pre-picked order boxes in an automated machine that delivers these order boxes at the push of a button. Picking performance is greatly enhanced with precise just-in-time retrieval of items and 500 order lines per picking station an hour with just two machines. Additionally, the buffer module can also be combined with an integrated conveyor system to provide even more efficiency for production lines. With its fast, accurate retrieval times, the buffer module is great for assembly lines in manufacturing, retail suppliers, e-commerce orders, mechanical and electrical engineering, and more. (See videos see videos)

picking small parts production line buffer module storageThe temporary supply storage unit is easy to use and consists of its own shelf system with automatic bin handling, picking stations, and logistics software. The operator simply indicates the items that need to be picked, and the tray with the items is automatically delivered at the ergonomic work counter. While the operator picks an order, the machine prepares the next bin. Once the operator has finished picking the order, the next bin is ready for picking. This means no walking back and forth across the warehouse between picks to search for items, and keeps waiting times to a minimum.

With its highly efficient and compact design, the temporary supply storage machines also provide the advantage of space savings. Trays are automatically stored in the most efficient area within the unit in the least amount of space needed. It also utilizes your overhead ceiling space instead of taking up more room in your assembly area or production line. Additional advantages of the temporary supply storage modules include:

  • Just-in-time delivery of small parts to assembly areas and production lines
  • Enhanced order picking performance
  • Accurate and error-free order picking
  • Flexible dimensions, integration, and additional features according to your needs
  • Ergonomic operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Labor savings
  • Storage space and volume optimization

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