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Last updated: September 08, 2017

Attractive university museum & public library air flow shelving

art rack museum collection storage hvacArt rack panels turned museum collection storage with an integrated HVAC system that promotes air exchange and vented heating and cooling library shelves are the attractive air flow shelving systems provided to an Ivy League university and public library. Their creation came from storage industry experienced engineering and manufacturing teams that have the skills to combine form with function to create appealing solutions that meet user needs. The story behind the units' installation provides a prime example which supports architects called upon to specify using ventilation systems that offer more visual appeal than typical vents located in floors, walls or ceilings. It also gives support to cases where they might need a ventilation system that can distribute heated or cooled air in an even fashion over a large area. Read on to learn more about the storage systems' design and installation.

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Two separate facilities intending to use the air flow shelving faced these exact challenges. The first involves a prestigious higher-education institution, where its architect wanted to create a major museum collection storage area that would offer a cohesive look and feel while accommodating an air exchange system. Curious about whether a solution was possible, he sought out a local representative and asked if a leading storage designer and manufacturer could construct vent covers that matched art rack panels installed within another room. A clean-looking, distributed HVAC system which appeals to the eye and promotes air exchange while matching the art rack panels in color, material, and pattern resulted in the end.

Vented heating & cooling library shelves promote comfort

vented heating cooling library shelvesThe vented heating and cooling library shelves installed within a downtown public library help create an environment, where patrons and staff can exist in total comfort. The facility has its air handlers positioned on the roof and the system pushes air down through the wall and under the floors, which get raised to accommodate computer cables and other building systems. Any hot or cold air gets forced from underneath the floor, escaping from the shelving bases to create a comforting setting where employees and the community at large can work or read.

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