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Last updated: September 25, 2015

Storage Solved: Archive Storage for Boxes

ergonomic mobile hand crank shelvingBoxes are difficult to store, especially when you have to keep them around for a long time. Their bulkiness and size makes it easy to lose space for them and start stacking them on the floor or any available space, causing the rest of your storage to suffer. It's obviously easier to keep track of your storage when it's organized and you know exactly where everything is, and this is the case for archival record boxes as well. An office at a local National Guard facility took the initiative to organize their archive storage for boxes with ergonomic mobile hand crank shelving. Read on to learn how these unique mobile shelving units saved space and organized their storage area.

How the Mobile Shelving Works

The ergonomic mobile hand crank shelving is unique in design. Shelving units are mounted on carriages that slide along tracks, eliminating the need for extra space for access aisles between each row of shelving. This way, you can either reduce your storage space by half or double your storage capacity in the same footprint as static shelving. In this case, the office drastically reduced their archive storage space for their boxes and improved their box organization. To access an aisle, the user simply turns the ergonomic hand crank. Click here to watch a video showing how the shelving works.

Mobile Hand Crank Shelving Saves Space & Improves Organization

archive storage for boxes mobile shelvingTwo single-faced stationary units were installed that measure 15' long x 24" deep x 92" high. Between the shelving contains five double-faced mobile units with hand crank operation, each with the same measurements as the stationary units. The mobile hand crank shelving also features a complete grouted structural rail and an ADA-compliant ramp and plywood floor system installed under the entire system and ready for tile or carpet. Each carriage includes a safety recessed shelving retainer and ergonomic three-spoke operator with push pin anti-roll mechanisms for added safety. The exposed ends of the units are finished with a laminate face panel with their choice of color. Two pullout reference shelves are features on each aisle of shelving. Each shelving unit contains six openings.archival box storage shelving

Thanks to the space savings afforded by the mobile hand crank shelving, the building can now contain their archive box storage in a compact space of 15' x 29'. The mobile shelves are located at one end of the room, while the rest is freed up for fireproof cabinets, vertical file cabinet, flat file cabinets, and even a desk area. Since the shelving is designed with ergonomics in mind, it's very easy for users to access an aisle and find and retrieve the boxes they need.

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