Mailroom Furniture & Modular Casework

modular casework mairoom sorting slotsMailroom furniture and modular casework provide operational efficiency and flexibility to meet the changing needs of businesses. Traditional built-in millwork offers little flexibility and adjustability for businesses to change as their needs change. The lack of flexibility hampers productivity and negatively impacts the environment the first time a business remodels or relocates. Modular casework and mailroom furniture sorters are designed to change and adjust so businesses operate efficiently and responsibly.

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Benefits of Modular Casework Cabinets Include:

  • Modular casework uses recycled materials (Board and packaging material is made from 100% ~ Aluminum is over 50% recycled materials)
  • Modular casework provides consistent factory quality
  • Modular casework is easy to relocate
  • Modular casework is GreenGuard certified contributing to LEED Design, sustainable solutions and building ratings for Platinum, Gold, or Silver
  • Factory lifetime warranty

Mailroom Furniture and Sorting Equipment Designed for Flexibility

modular casework flexible designFlexible mailroom furniture and mailroom sorting equipment is easy to adjust and flexible to meet the changing needs of your organization. A well-designed mailroom ensures safe and efficient flow of documents through your organization to their final destination. Below are some features of well-designed mailroom furniture.

  • A wide range of heights, depths, and widths for mailroom tables, mailroom sorters, and accessories
  • Easily adjustable mailroom table heights to accommodate standing or sitting heights
  • Easily adjustable mail cubbies and shelf openings
  • Easy to read label holders that securely fasten to sorter shelves and are easy to change
  • Mailroom shelves that incorporate color recognition for quick identification and accurate sorting to the proper mailroom cubby or slot
  • Lots of options to increase efficiency and mailroom security (doors, drawers, etc…)
  • No sharp metal shelf edges to injure fast-moving hands

Mailroom Furniture and Modular Casework Design and Planning Professionals

Helping design and plan comprehensive mailrooms, workrooms, copy centers, labs, stainless medical casework, and athletic casework is an important part of our business. Our experienced representatives are knowledgeable on the latest design resources and technologies. Contact us today and let us assist you on your next mailroom furniture or modular casework project.


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