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aia education seminar ces luncheonsKeep abreast of the latest storage system design and space planning developments with one of our CES/AIA Continuing Educational Seminar Luncheon programs. Our Continuing Education Seminar Luncheons cover a host of topics. Each topic discusses green building design issues, LEED accreditation, and sustainability trends in storage space planning and design of efficient green building facilities. Continuing Educational Seminar Luncheons are suitable for Architects (AIA), Interior Designers (ASID, IIDA), Facilities Managers (IFMA), and Records Management Professionals involved in the planning, design, or implementation of storage and filing systems including:

These are the most popular Continuing Education Luncheon Seminars most popular continuing education luncheon seminars

ifma automated filing and storage A&D continuing education seminar luncheons for interior designers IIDA membersContinuing Education Seminar programs are typically held during the lunch hour, and lunch is provided. Each continuing education luncheon program is approximately one hour long and is worth 1 AIA/CES learning credit. Some of the luncheon programs fall under Sustainable Design and Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credit, which is one of the most difficult credits to obtain. Topics cover green building design, LEED, and sustainability trends for space-saving storage and filing systems, modular casework, and demountable architectural walls.

Continuing Education Seminar Luncheon Programs for Facility Managers

ifma automated filing and storage A&D continuing education seminar luncheons

Southwest Solutions Group offers continuing educational seminar luncheons to make your manufacturing, distribution, industrial, and high tech facility more efficient and safe. Seminar topics include conserving storage and floor space whether you are growing or downsizing, providing a safer work environment, or using automated storage systems to increase productivity. Topics include high-density storage systems, vertical carousels, vertical lift modules, mezzanines, horizontal carousels, mobile compact pallet rack systems and more.

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Available A&D Continuing Educational Seminar Luncheons for Architects, Interior Designers, and Facility Managers

Revit Models 5D Content - Fetch Topics

Intelligent Lockers/TZ Limited topics

Spacesaver® Continuing Education Seminar Luncheon Topics for Architects, Interior Designers, and Facility ManagersA&D continuing education seminar luncheons

Hamilton Casework Solutions Topics

WireCrafters Topics

Continuing Educational Seminar Luncheons Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

Southwest Solutions Group will design a Continuing Educational Seminar Luncheon to meet your organization's specific needs. Please contact Kim Windham to request more information or schedule a luncheon for your firm at 1-888-241-7494 or send us a message.

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“As a BIM Manager, I have been making BIM library families from scratch and creating/adapting vendor families for years for a variety of commercial projects. Today I was literally breathless when first seeing the quality of families from Southwest Solutions Group. They have real parametric controls, are conscientious of the digital weight and aesthetically wowing. Not only are these families better than any vendor I have seen… I couldn’t have done it better myself! Fantastic work!”

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