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Last updated: July 03, 2019

Use Under Carpet Raceways for Cable Management

under carpet raceway for conference room cable managementCable management in your office doesn’t have to look like what’s behind your T.V. at home. Under carpet raceways give you a subtle cable pathway that will offer complete connectivity in every interior office space you have. Under carpet raceways combine an extruded aluminum central wireway flanked by ultra-low sloping floor transition ramps and an array of accessories and options. Below are just some of the places you can use this innovative cabling solution in your office.

Benching & Workstations

The way we work is changing. Long gone are the days of private, closed off work areas. Today’s workplaces are densely benching systems, cubicles, and workstations, which maximizes space and improves collaboration. But one thing hasn’t changed: employees need to connect their devices. Under carpet raceways provide robust cabling access and connectivity in all these applications; they’re flexible, easy to install, and don’t get in the way of people or the overall office design.

Training Rooms

Keeping employees up-to-date on the latest company trends requires frequent training. Whether it’s in a formal training room or conference room, your employees will need access to power and technology connections. Under carpet raceways coupled with a modular receptacle power system give your employees what they need to focus on learning instead of connectivity. These systems seamlessly integrate into the flooring to keep your training room looking sharp and professional.

waiting room cable management with an under carpet racewayExecutive Offices

With employees working in satellite offices all over the country or telecommuting from home, executives are increasingly turning to video conferencing from their offices. This makes connectivity to computers, VoIP phones and other tools essential for the executive office. The under carpet raceway system can be quickly installed without the need for costly and time-consuming core drilling, allowing the executives to stay on task.

Waiting & Lounge Areas

No one likes to wait, so most people bring smartphones, laptops and tablets to make better use of their time. And when you offer potential clients and current customers a solution for connecting their devices, you’ve just made their lives a little easier. The under carpet raceway is designed to carry not only power for recharging technology, but also Ethernet and other telecommunications ports.

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