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Last updated: August 07, 2017

cSI 41 51 00 & 41 51 13 aS/RS systems

CSI 41 51 00 automatic material storage & retrieval systemsIn a typical warehouse setting with traditional static shelving, employees spend the majority of their time traveling around your facility, searching for the parts they need to pick. More time, in fact, than receiving instructions, waiting, logging transactions, and picking combined. Instead of skyrocketing labor costs, CSI specification 41 51 00 and 41 51 13 automatic material storage and retrieval systems nearly eliminate travel and search times since they bring parts directly to the worker, ready to be picked. These systems not only reduce labor costs, but they also improve productivity, reduce the risk of worker injury, and save massive amounts of floor space.

vertical & horizontal automatic material storage

There are three types of automatic material storage and retrieval systems most commonly installed in warehouses: vertical carousels, horizontal carousels, and vertical lift modules.

Vertical carousels: These storage systems contain a series of vertically arranged rotating drawers or shelves that rotate into position at an ergonomically placed work counter with the push of a button. By using vertical overhead space, the carousels can save up to 80% of floor space and improve worker productivity by up to 56% due to increased ease of use and accessibility.

CSI 41 51 13 vertical carousels, horizontal carousels, vertical lift module VLMs

Horizontal carousels: Horizontal rotating carousels are integrated with inventory management software to automatically bring parts to the point of use for quick picking and retrieval. Inventory management software automatically rotates the carousel and instructs the operator how many parts to pick for several orders at a time. Often, installing multiple horizontal carousels can provide a 40% labor savings since they require less picking operators than picking operations without automatic storage.

Vertical lift modules (VLMs): Like the vertical carousels, the VLMs also save space by using overhead air space to store inventory. The enclosed system of vertically arranged trays automatically extracts and delivers trays to the operator at an adjustable work counter. CubeStar® technology automatically scans the height of items being stored on each tray and stores it in the least amount of space needed in 1 inch increments to further maximize storage capacity. With its advanced storage technology and vertical design, one VLM can recover up to 85% of otherwise wasted floor space, increase productivity by up to 2/3, and increase picking accuracy by up to 99.9%.

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