Converting paper files to digital documents is a great way to speed up juvenile case files through the courts and keep track of active and inactive files within the system. However, the scanning process itself can be time-consuming, and these records require utmost security throughout the entire process. That’s why Southwest Solutions Group® was contracted to provide our experienced team of records and IT specialists to devise a plan and complete document preparation, scanning, tracking, and quality control for over 10,500 active and pending probation case files of multiple types.

Secure On-Site Scanning Protects All Documents

The probation case files included custody files, treatment files, and other miscellaneous files. Since these records contained sensitive and personal information, any scanning  process would need to provide tracking for every item on a constant basis. Southwest Solutions Group was chosen thanks to their advanced tracking capabilities and complete CJIS compliance, since the probations department wasn’t willing to leave any room for errors or security breaches.probation records scanning

To lessen the burden on the probation department and speed up the scanning process, SSG provided scanning equipment, capture software, tracking software, and interfacing software for uploading the records into the department’s own document management system. This way, the department’s resources weren’t strained beyond the initial interface setup.

Due to the sensitive nature of the documents, the document management team had to do all scanning and digitization processes on-site. This was made more difficult by the fact that the department was spread across three locations, but all documents relied on one system.

Additionally, files needed to be separated into two groups: scan and retain or scan and shred. SSG modified their tracking software so that each case file was assigned two unique barcode labels depending on whether the document was to be retained or shredded. This eliminated any confusion and errors, like accidentally shredding a document that was supposed to be kept.

Project Scope

  • 10,500+ files scanned
  • 2,670,000 images scanned
  • Multiple file types (supervision, custody, INS, & treatment reports)
  • Barcode tracking implemented for all records
  • Document prep and pagination of wet signature documents
  • Re-assembly and return of documents after scanning & digitization
  • Quality assurance for all documents
  • Custom middleware provided from SSG to allow seamless upload
  • Completed scanning process completed on-site across three locations
  • Project completed ahead of schedule

Contact Us About Document Scanning

If you’ve been wanting to scan and digitize some or all of your paper records, Southwest Solutions Group has you covered. With complete CJIS and HIPAA compliance, SSG can scan and upload even your most sensitive and confidential documents securely. Our barcode tracking will keep you informed throughout the entire process so you’re always in the loop.

Still not sure? We will be happy to scan, index, and upload a box of your records for FREE before you commit to buying anything so you can see how our process works. For more information or to speak with our document management specialists, call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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