Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Improves Inventory ManagementTitan Industriever Shuttle XP is an Efficient Vertical Storage System for Inventory Management

Storage and retrieval operations are an important part of material handling facilities, but they also require a large investment in inventory management, floor space, and personnel. One way to improve the productivity, space efficiency, and inventory management of your storage and retrieval operations is with a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System. The Titan Industriever Shuttle XP will lower your operating overhead costs, lower labor costs, and provide a safer work environment for employees (see Titan Industriever Shuttle XP images).

What You Can Expect with a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage SystemTitan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage Rotates to bring trays to the workstation

The Titan Industriever Shuttle XP is a vertical storage tower that shuttles large parts’ storage trays from as high as 60’ to an ergonomic work counter. Workers pick parts from the trays using a computerized inventory management software/interface. Typically, you can have your entire parts inventory stored in one or two Titan Industriever Shuttle XP units, which can reduce your storage area by 85% compared to traditional stationary storage shelving (watch Titan Industriever Shuttle XP video) .

Parts stored on the vertical storage trays are brought directly to the operator at a waist-high ergonomic work counter, eliminating walking, climbing, and searching for stored parts. Typically, one person using a Titan Industriever Vertical Storage System can pick as many parts in an hour as three people can pick parts from stationary bin shelving. The Titan Industriever Shuttle also improves employee safety, parts security, and worker morale in picking operations.

Titan Industriever ergonomic tray Inventory Management SystemThe Titan Industriever Shuttle XP is equipped with integrated inventory management software designed to enhance picking productivity and reduce inventory costs by managing inventory reorder points and inventory levels (read how the Titan Industriever Shuttle XP can help you build smaller buildings).

Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Benefits

• Ergonomic storage and retrieval workstationTitan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Saves Space

• Saves up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional storage methods

• Software optimizing inventory control management

• Quick return on investment

• Scalable design for expanding storage capacity at a later date

• Stores a wide range of part sizes (small, medium, large)

• Provides a lockable secured storage environment for inventory

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