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The LogiTag StockBox RFID Technology for Hospital Inventory Management in Action

Ever wish that you didn’t have to spend your time wandering through different departments of the hospital counting the inventory in every room? Well now you can reclaim the time spent on hospital inventory management for more important things with LogiTag Stockbox RFID technology.

How the LogiTag StockBox Helps Automate Hospital Inventory Management

Here is the step by step process of how the LogiTag StockBox RFID technology makes your life easier by automating hospital inventory management:

hospital inventory management is easy and simple with logitag stockbox1. The supply bins stacked on department room shelves all hold a certain quantity of medical supply items, and an RFID StockTag is represented for each item in each bin.

2. When medical supplies run low and reach its restocking point in the bin, a staff member removes the tag from the bin and puts it in the StockBox.

3. The StockBox reads the RFID StockTag and immediately sends a message through a wireless signal to the StockBox server that indicates that the inventoried item needs to be restocked.

4. A central supply room or distributor in the hospital receives the restocking report request for each StockBox, and totes are stocked with items and medical supplies designated for restocking the necessary rooms.

5. After the totes are delivered to the correct room, the staff member restocking the room unlocks the StockBox, removes the RFID StockTags, refills the items, and places the RFID StockTag back in the bins. That completes the restocking process!

LogiTag StockBox RFID Technology Features and Benefits

LogiTag StockBox RFID Technology automates restocking process• Saves Time: Less time is spent monitoring inventory levels of medical supplies

• Item Monitoring: Precise and specific usage recorded for medical supplies requiring this level of control

• Detailed Reports: Supply and Material Managers are provided with meticulous reports

• Simplified Restocking: The warehouse or central store room can provide area specific totes, which streamlines the restocking process

• Recorded Confirmation: Restocking orders are confirmed

The LogiTag StockBox RFID technology is useful in any area of a heathcare facility where precise and efficient inventory management is necessary to reduce cost and increase product availability.

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