Spacesaver FrameWRX and Identi RFID Solutions for Heathcare Facilities

The new Spacesaver® and Identi partnership has created an open shelving hospital materials management solution to optimize the healthcare supplies restocking process. Spacesaver FrameWRX storage system is highly customizable and can be used in any area of a healthcare facility as hanging bins, trays, and pegs can be attached to the FrameWRX innovative rail system. Adjustable shelving can be used because it can adapt as your storage needs change, which maximizes your storage while optimizing your workspace. The Identi Stockbox is a patent pending RFID based device that integrates with the FrameWRX storage system. The StockBox automatically reads restocking cards, which includes visual images of the parts stored, as well as pertinent information for the items inside the FrameWRX bins. The inventory restocking information is then transferred via wireless internet to a central processing area.

hospital inventory rfid replishment software for marerial managers

For more information on Spacesaver FrameWRX and Identi RFID Solutions for Heathcare Medical Supply Management, call 1-800-803-1083.


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