Hospitals and government offices all over the world are using LogiTag’s Smart Cabinet RFID Supply System. LogiTag has been focusing on RFID technology for over 5 years and can assist with asset tracking, temp, monitoring, logistics, inventory control, and more from hardware to software.

LogiTag Smart Cabinet Benefits

The LogiTag Smart Cabinets are designed for high-value inventory and ease of operator use. All transactions are recorded while the LogiPlatform determines when and where information goes. Detailed reports from any web-enabled device can be manually or automatically generated and system administrators can manually or automatically send this data to materials managers, distributors, and manufacturers. Product consumption is available by user, item, time/date, invoice, procedure, and distributor, which is great for consignment items. System administrators can view usage reports by item, user, or hospital and adjust inventory to better manage costs. While system administrators and distributors can view current or future expiration dates of individual items. The software is web-based and the hierarchical design allows system administrators to assign user capabilities from any web-enabled device.

Restocking Medical Supplies in the LogiTag Smart Cabinet

Restocking the Smart Cabinet is a simple process that can be accomplished by any level staff member. Here is the simple process:

1. Place RFID tags on the items

2. Scan the barcodes

3. “Enroll” the tags

4. Bring the items to the cabinet

5. Use RFID to unlock doors and identify the user

6. Place the items in the cabinet with the RFID tags facing the rear

That’s it! Restocking is now complete and the Smart Cabinets are now ready for the next day.

Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 to learn more about how LogiTag Smart Cabinets can benefit your hospital’s inventory management.


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