Since 1969 we have been providing mailroom furniture for company mail centers.  Helping design and plan comprehensive mail centers is an important part of our business.  We have knowledgeable and experienced representatives to provide you with the latest mailroom design resources and technologies.  Contact us today and ask for a free design consultation of your mail center.   Reach us by phone at 972-250-1970.


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Mailroom Tables, Mailroom Sorters, Cabinets, and Satellite Sort Stations

mail sorter slots tables mailcenter

Southwest Solutions Group offers a complete line of  mailroom furniture including:

  • mail sorting tables and cabinets
  • mail risers
  • mail sorters
  • presort and bulk sort mail stations
  • satellite sort mail stations
  • drawers for pens, labels, paper clips, and other mailroom supplies
  • mailroom bags, mail totes and supplies


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