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Single-sided patient material supply wheeled storage

single sided bin rail and wire basket patient material supply wheeled storage 1There has been much talk about the future of healthcare facilities. Their success is dependent upon how much flexibility they have. While introducing more flexibility into the industry will not happen over night, there are products available now that provide us with a inkling of what's to come. This includes single-sided bin rail and wire basket patient material supply wheeled storage. Fashioned as a cart, with a sturdy steel frame, its range of flexibility is evident by its ability to be configured to accommodate a variety of options and accessories. The system is easily accepting of any of these components for added convenience when needing to maximize efficiency for the sake of improving patient care:

  • 2-positioning adjustable shelves, which are crafted as single-piece shelves and can be fitted to the single-sided bin rail & wire basket patient material supply wheeled storage by mounting horizontally or at a 17-degree slope for gravity feed and easy access.
  • Single-piece, all-welded construction wire baskets mount horizontally or at a 17-degree slope for high visibility and easy access, with a dust-free design for cleanliness. Divider accessories are also available to help establish even more system efficiency.
  • Accepting hanging bins, pegs and slat wall accessories is made easy with the inclusion of EZ Rail® Element, which allows for the utmost in flexibility and configurability when faced with almost any storage challenge.
  • Because the system is accepting of a wide variety of bins that meet industry standards, it stands as one with the highest bin densities available.
  • Slat-wall accessories that come standard take no time at all to connect to the EZ Rail Element, allowing users to hang a wide variety of items quickly and efficiently.
  • Sloped low-back shelf assists with displaying or transporting books and media.
  • Sleek vertical handles are available as an optional feature for providing an easy and ergonomic grabbing point for users.
  • Wheels and bumpers ensure the safe use of the single-sided bin rail and wire basket patient material supply wheeled storage, when having to transport it to the point of need. Beige or gray-colored bumpers help put a stop to marring in the event of a collision, while the wheels feature two directional locking casters to facilitate easy driving and two casters with brakes for safe parking.

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Space-saving single-sided patient material supply storage

single sided bin rail and wire basket patient material supply wheeled storageSingle-sided bin rail and wire basket patient material supply wheeled storage also comes with a list of standard features some, of which, allow for the added benefit of saving space. These include:

Added space-savings is provided for with help from its single-sided frame, which allows units to be positioned flush against a wall

  • Standard welded frames come in your choice of four width sizes, including 24, 30, 33.7 and 36 inches
  • Units designed for single-sided use only feature 20" nominal depth only
  • Frame height varies, but is at 31" minimum and 72" maximum, with 1" increments in-between. The minimum frame height changes to 49", if fitted with optional handles
  • Cart media capacity load is 500 lbs.

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