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How wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage works

wall mounted lift rack space saving storageSpace for storing medical supplies and equipment is largely sought after in hospitals. Its range of availability or lack thereof has caused quite a problem for the healthcare profession, especially when talking about wheelchairs. And, despite the fact that they are one of the most frequent pieces of equipment used in a hospital setting, the extent to which they can be accessed measures even less. Explanations for why this commonly occurs stem from any number of reasons, including the fact that inventory such as in the case of wheelchairs is shared between departments. The dilemma is one hospitals, everywhere, face all too often. It has caused many facilities to use what is already available in alternative ways. In fact, it was suggested that hospital vestibules may be a suitable substitute. How ever your organization decides to fix the problem, give consideration to wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage when going over your options. It effectively improves hospital wheelchair access, while conserving space for more productive uses. This is made possible because the system requires wall space, instead of floor space to function. Wheelchairs are lowered and raised to and from the floor with the push of a button for improved efficiency when needed. See wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage in action. 

Wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage improves hospital wheelchair accesshigh capacity wheelchair storage overhead wall rack

The amount of space hospitals have at their disposal to designate for storage will significantly increase with wall mounted lift rack space-space storage. This is because they are designed to occupy an area of space that is not as commonly desired. This makes it easier to come by. In addition, wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage is a valuable asset to have because it improves hospital wheelchair access. with its installation, a centralized location for storing wheelchairs is established, making them readily available for use wherever and whenever needed.

Wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage minimize hospital acquired infections

improves hospital wheelchair accessUse of wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage will also help to keep hospitals safe and minimize the spreading of hospital acquired infections. Since wheelchairs are stored overhead, the rate of contact they have with sick patients can be better controlled by hospital staff. By doing so, the risk of passing on hospital acquired infections between patients and staff is lower. In addition, because wheelchairs are removed from the floor, there is less opportunity for injury. Wall mounted lift rack space-saving storage improves hospital wheelchair access is just one way for increased storage capacity to be established in a healthcare environment. In addition to wall mounted wheelchair racks, we also can stack and store hospital beds in less space. Click here to see video.

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