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Aircraft Composite Materials Cold Storage

mobilized freezer pallet racks cold storageComposite materials are becoming more frequently used in the aerospace industry as it allows manufacturers to build lighter, stronger, and more fuel efficient aircraft. Processing composites, however, can be a difficult process, as the unfinished material must be kept in extremely cold temperatures to prevent degradation and extend shelf life. Mobilized freezer pallet racks, which can operate in temperatures reaching -20°F, provide this specialized aircraft composite materials cold storage while saving space and reducing expensive freezer floorspace costs. Click here to learn more about mobilized pallet racks.

Automatic Freezer Storage in a Small Footprint

A leader in formatting composites for aerospace fabrication recently installed their own mobilized freezer pallet racks for storing composite material until it can be processed. When the materials aren't being processed, they must be stored at -10°F. And with an increasing demand for composite products, their inventory is just going to get bigger. More freezer space was needed to ensure the accessibility and organization of materials even as inventory increased, so their options were to either make better use of the space they already had or spend more money on additional storage space. The choice was obvious.

aircraft composite materials cold storageMobilized freezer pallet racks move on rails to eliminate empty aisle space and allow composite materials to be stored in about half the normal footprint. When inventory needs to be retrieved or stored, the staff simple opens aisles at the point of need with the push of a button. Since the pallet racks are optimized for extremely cold temperatures, operating the automatic racks in their freezer space isn't an issue.

The freezer measures 108' by 37' and has a volume of nearly 121,000 cubic feet. While this is a large amount of space, the mobilized pallet racks have allowed their storage footprint to take up half the space that was initially considered. The system has 11 aisles with 60 pallet positions per aisle for a total of 660 pallet positions, which is twice as many as would be available in the same space with traditional pallet racks. In addition to saved space, other advantages of the mobilized freezer pallet racks include:

  • Reduced costs of construction and operation
  • More materials stored in a smaller footprint
  • High product density allows freezer to operate more efficiently, which further reduces operating costs
  • 100% inventory accessibility improves labor productivity and reduces storage and retrieval time

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