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uncovering wasted space

before automated compact pallet rack installationA television network wanted to renovate their 22,000 square foot electronics warehouse for greater efficiency and enhanced product security. The warehouse decided to install automated compact pallet racks in order to save space, thousands of square footage in fact, for their electronics warehouse.

The warehouse serves as a distribution center for telecommunications components for their broadcasting operations. Before installation, bulk storage consumed over 22,000 square feet of warehouse space with 388 pallet positions and 306 shelf locations serviced by a 3,000 lb. sit-down electric forklift. It was imperative for the warehouse to increase their storage capacity without expanding their existing facility.

The automated compact pallet racks were the solution. This mobile carriage system recovered over 15,500 square feet of floor storage and increased additional shelving by 570%. With the automated pallet racks, the electronics warehouse saw a 62% decrease in the amount of space required for pallet storage. Shelving increased from 306 to 2,064 shelf locations. Also, 100% access to each pallet location was maintained as was required for making components readily accessible to remain "On the Air" at all times.

automated compact pallet racks save space in electronics warehouse

how the automated pallet racks work

Traditional static pallet racking needs a lot of extra space to make room for individual aisles. The automated compact pallet racks eliminate the need for this wasted space by only requiring the use of one movable aisle. Rows of owner-supplied or new pallet racks compact together with the push of a button or the turn of a three-spoke ergonomic hand crank. Safety sensors keep aisles from being closed while anything is obstructing the aisle. The rows of pallet racks slide along ADA compliant floor tracks.

By freeing up over 50% of your pallet storage space, you could use this extra space for additional product lines, offices, other revenue-generating activities or equipment. Maximizing your space also helps reduce operating costs, along with making your warehouse more sustainable and efficient with a smaller footprint. Alternatively, you could easliy double your storage space in the same footprint.

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