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The benefits of automatic vertical carousel storage

automatic vertical carousel storage Businesses across the board, especially those working in construction, textiles and warehouse distribution, can greatly benefit from using automatic vertical carousel storage to better manage requests from customers. The adoption of these programmable retrieval systems makes it possible to reach improved effectiveness of the order-picking process and, thus, achieve a higher order fulfillment percentage at a faster rate. Relying on automatic vertical carousel storage to quickly and efficiently retrieve small parts and stored items from a designated area will also significantly cut down on the amount of physical resources and time spent looking by an actual person. This will increase productivity levels and be more cost effective due to a reduction in labor costs. Click here to see automatic vertical carousel storage in action.

Programmable retrieval systems provide better access to stored items 

Because these programmable retrieval systems were designed to be compliant with OSHA and ADA regulations and adhere to the "Barrier Removal Act," stored items are more easily accessed and transported to an ergonomic, waist high work space to help maintain a high level of goods-to-person performance ratio. Retrieving small parts from inventory is made even easier with just the push of a button. This brand of automatic vertical carousel storage is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) operated by an electronic keypad. It works to minimize the percentage of damaged or lost inventory, improves worker performance and allows for stored items to be picked from their assigned spot, processed and delivered to the customer in a efficient and timely manner. Click here to learn how programmable retrieval systems enhance your filing procedures.

Increase storage capacity by using less floor space

programmable retrieval systemsThe establishment of a system of operating procedures is crucial to a business's success. To ensure the agreed upon SOP is followed, items are securely stored and human error is kept at a minimum, this kind of automatic vertical carousel storage is equipped with cutting-edge security features to help monitor access and manage inventory better, including bi-parting lockable doors and an automated keypad. This type of automatic vertical carousel storage is also designed to work with existing filing and storage systems, making it easier to introduce it in the workplace and maintain the ebb and flow of the workload without too much disruption. Its flexible storage design creates the ability to maximize storage capacity, while saving valuable floor space.

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