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High Density Storage Shelving & High Density Filing Cabinets

  • maximize your floor space with high density storage shelves and racks
  • increase your productivity with hi density racking solutions
  • protect your inventory with security shelving with high density shelving systems

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At Southwest Solutions Group®, we understand how poorly designed storage and filing systems hamper profitability by wasting floor space and productivity of employees. High density shelving for filing and storage applications will maximize your facility's floor space and enhance employee productivity so your business will operate more efficiently. This is why we only specialize in designing innovative storage and filing systems that provide our clients with one or more of the following benefits:

  • Decrease Storage Floor Space by Up to 50% or More
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Enhance Security and Control of Inventory and Files
  • Enable Flexible Storage For Multiple Types of Media and Materials
  • Eliminate Costly Offsite Storage and Alternate Storage Facilities

Find Out What High Density Storage Can Do For Your Business

filing cabinets compaired to file shelving

Whether you are looking to increase your warehouse floor space and boost employee pick times, or you are in need of a comprehensive filing system that can accommodate files, boxes, and supplies, Southwest Solutions Group is here to help.

So how exactly can high density shelving help your business maximize space, boost employee productivity , and enhance security?

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Our whole experience with Southwest Solutions Group was positive. We got exactly what we wanted on time, and it was installed promptly and professionally. I would recommend Southwest Solutions Group to anyone. We absolutely love our new mobile high density system because we have so much more room now!

- City of Claremore

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