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High Density Storage Shelving & High Density Filing Cabinets

We Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Whether you need to secure vital office documents or control and manage your inventory, Southwest Solutions Group® is here to help protect your bottom line. After investing the time necessary to understand your organization’s exact needs, our sales engineers will develop innovative, cost-effective solutions guaranteed to secure your vital documents, files, or inventory, including:

  • Patient Information (HIPPA requirements for health care providers)
  • Employee Personal Information & Client Billing/Personal Information
  • Legal Documentation, Patents, Blueprints, Copyrights, etc.
  • Inventory Parts and Merchandise

Secure Vital Files and Documents

Safeguarding vital files and documents is essential for any business these days and is actually mandated by law in many cases. In fact, your business or organization likely has a lot of information that needs to be kept secure at all times.

At Southwest Solutions Group, we know each client is different so we guarantee to take the time to understand your exact situation and needs before recommending the best solution. We offer a wide range of secure office filing systems from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Whether you need to lock up one shelf, a cabinet, or an entire system, we have a secure and innovative solution for your business.

Protect Inventory From Unauthorized Access, Pilferage, and Dust

When companies need to manage and control inventory levels and secure their products from un-authorized access, they call Southwest Solutions Group for one simple reason:

Because We Are Guaranteed to Have an Inventory Control System Perfectly Suited to Your Exact Needs, Situation, and Budget

Southwest Solutions Group will help you protect and manage your inventory to reduce stock-out problems and ensure supplies and parts are on hand to keep your customers happy and your business profitable. In addition to helping your business secure vital inventory and safe guard it from pilferage, our advanced inventory control systems track the flow of inventory every step of the way. Our systems will help eliminate bottlenecks, mange inventory stock levels, and ultimately improve operational Efficiency while securing inventory against threats.

Whether you need a parts kitting system for your production line or security for your tool room, we will help protect and manage your inventory to reduce operating cost and improve productivity.

We have inventory control systems for just about any business or organization you can think of, including:

  • Manufacturing Production Lines
  • Pharmacies
  • Evidence Control Systems
  • U.S. Military
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Fortune 500 Companies

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Every single project at Southwest Solutions Group, no matter how big or small, begins with a free, no obligation Storage Assessment. If warranted we will send one of our highly trained storage engineers directly to your location to conduct the Storage Efficiency Analysis. For smaller projects and for customers outside of our sales region, we can conduct the Storage Assessment via phone.

In either case, our highly trained sales engineer will help you evaluate the best space saving storage or filing system for your needs. We will provide you with how much space you can save, anticipated productivity increase, and a best price estimate to complete your project—all in 30 minutes or less!

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To find out exactly how high density shelving can help your business, click here to sign-up for a FREE, 30-minute phone consultation with one of our sales engineers, or request an onsite storage assessment. When complete, you will know how much floor space you can save, anticipated increase in productivity, and a best price estimate for your project.


We Have Already Helped 1,000s of Businesses Maximize Their Office and Warehouse Floor Space with Our Custom Storage Solutions!

"I cannot say enough on how impressed we were with the professionalism of Southwest Solutions Group. Justin Story did a great job of assisting us with the purchase of our evidence lockers, and your installation team is by far the best installation team that has ever worked in our building. Thank you for doing a fantastic job and making our project a pleasant experience."

-Fort Smith Police Department

"All of the Southwest Solutions team members did a great job and represented your company well. The high density storage shelving and mailroom sorter products are better than we expected and are extremely functional. Thanks for the nice work."

-US Secret Service

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