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High Density Storage Shelving & High Density Filing Cabinets

Innovative Filing & Storage Solutions

Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in helping businesses enhance productivity and reduce operating costs by providing a wide range of innovative storage and filing solutions that maximize your floor space, including:

  • Records Management Systems: From Color-Coded High Density Filing Systems to Record Box shelving, we have a filing solution to suit your exact needs and budget. Our filing solution will free up valuable floor space, improve employee productivity, and ultimately reduce operations costs for a more efficient, and ergonomic work environment.
  • Modular Millwork: Forget about traditional “built-in” millwork or casework that has to be thrown away or abandoned every time you move or renovate. Our Modular Millwork and Casework cabinets are designed to move and evolve with your business.
  • Mixed Media Storage Solutions: Need to convert your physical files into digital media and then store them for quick retrieval? We specialize in helping businesses centralize, index and store different types of media in one unified mixed media storage solution.

See Exactly How High Density Storage Will Maximize Your Space, Boost Productivity, and Improve Your Bottom Line!

In today's global marketplace where speed and Efficiency are vital components to success, your business cannot afford to waste space or time on inefficient and outdated filing systems. At Southwest Solutions Group, every customer receives a free, no obligation Efficiency Analysis to assess which information management system would be best suited to your exact needs. Our professional sales engineer will also supply you with estimates for projected space savings, productivity enhancement, and budget costs.

High Density Material Handling Industrial Storage Solutions

Inefficient material handling storage systems in warehouses and industrial settings reduce your profitability in four critical ways:

  1. 1.Devours Precious Floor Space: Every wasted square foot of floor space in your facility drives up your operating costs for expenses like Heating/AC, Lighting, Insurance, Unnecessary Additions, Offsite Storage, etc.
  2. 2.Reduces Employee Productivity: Inefficient storage systems can wreak havoc on employee pick times leading to unnecessary labor expense, slower fulfillment times, and ultimately lower profits.
  3. 3.Increases Risk of Employee Injury/Liability Claim: To help compensate for inefficient storage systems, some companies resort to harmful and even dangerous storage of materials that can significantly increase the risk of employee injuries and/or liability claims.
  4. 4.Increases Risk of Inventory Loss/Pilferage: Inefficient and disorganized storage systems significantly increase the risk of inventory loss and pilferage.

See Exactly How High Density Can Help Maximize Space In Your Warehouse or Organization, Boost Productivity, and Improve Your Bottom Line!

Southwest Solutions Group specializes in helping businesses maximize floor space, improve employee productivity, and enhance security by providing innovative storage solutions that meet your exact needs, situation, and budget. We take the time to fully understand your business' needs and then develop a custom storage system specifically suited to your organization.

Sign-Up for a Free Onsite Storage Assessment or a No-Obligation 30 Minute Phone Consultation and You Will Receive:

  1. 1.The Best type of Space Savings Storage or Filing Equipment for your Application
  2. 2.How Much Space You Can Save Your Office or Warehouse
  3. 3.Anticipated Productivity Boost
  4. 4.Accurate Budget Estimate to Complete Your Project

Every single project at Southwest Solutions Group, no matter how big or small, begins with a free, no obligation Storage Assessment. If warranted we will send one of our highly trained storage engineers directly to your location to conduct the Storage Efficiency Analysis. For smaller projects and for customers outside of our sales region, we can conduct the Storage Assessment via phone.

In either case, our highly trained sales engineer will help you evaluate the best space saving storage or filing system for your needs. We will provide you with how much space you can save, anticipated productivity increase, and a best price estimate to complete your project—all in 30 minutes or less!

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To find out exactly how high density shelving can help your business, click here to sign-up for a FREE, 30-minute phone consultation with one of our sales engineers, or request an onsite storage assessment. When complete, you will know how much floor space you can save, anticipated increase in productivity, and a best price estimate for your project.


We Have Already Helped 1,000s of Businesses Maximize Their Office and Warehouse Floor Space with Our High Density Storage Solutions!

"First off I want to thank Mr. Alton Robertson for working with us in securing the right shelving units for our area. He was very helpful each time we met or talked on the phone. We knew going into this project it was going to be a challenge and it all worked out great because of the quality of staff at Southwest Solutions Group.

Secondly I am writing to compliment Mr. Bill Ordner and his crew, Colin, Ethan and Johnny for an outstanding job installing our new compact library shelving system. From the onset of the project to the finish Mr. Ordner was very professional and very knowledgeable of the product installed. The quality of his work speaks for itself. Since this project was done in an area that did not have an elevator, due to Hurricane Ike three years ago, Mr. Ordner handled a tough situation with the greatest amount of care. Once finished with the project, he spent a great amount of time answering all our questions and making sure we did not have any concerns. The library shelving units look and work great and we are very happy with the end results.

On any future shelving projects we have through Southwest Solutions, Mr. Bill Ordner and his staff would be the first we request to handle the job."

-The University of Texas Medical Branch

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