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Mobile Shelving Produces Floorspace for Oil Refinery’s Technical Library

mobile shelving in the oil refinery technical library storing books and filesAn oil refinery’s technical library was out of space and there was no room for growth. Files were stored in several locations, which caused inefficiencies and disorganization. The company decided it was time to renovate the library, and doing so, they incorporated mobile shelving. The mobile shelving made the library more centralized and compacted, in addition to helping employees find information readily.

Lack of Storage Floorspace in the Technical Library

Files, books and other materials were crowded onto wooden shelves that filled the library to capacity. Files were improperly and broadly categorized and it was difficult for an engineer to locate information, resulting in wasted and inefficient work time. It got so bad that engineers kept their own instrument and equipment documentation in their workspace so that they would always know where to find it. It was nearly impossible to locate anything in the library without help. And there was no room for growth. Something had to change.

Mobile Shelving with Oblique Hanging Compartments for Fast Retrieval

The mobile shelving was essential to the library renovation project and re-organizing documents. A unique feature of the system is the double-faced shelving unit with oversized Oblique hanging box-bottom compartments and strip roll drawing cube compartments that now store and organize the technical drawings and documents for maintenance.

mobile shelving with oblique compartments and rolled drawing compartmentsThese backup records are required for any chemical processor or manufacturer. Furthermore, the oil refinery has a long retention for document storage due to OSHA standards. The mobile shelving allows quick, convenient access to these processing maps and pump drawings – critical reference guides which can save thousands of dollars per minute in the event of a pipeline or processing area emergency in the 24-hour facility.

The mobile shelving was also chosen for its flexibility, accessibility and safety. The power assist feature was specifically chosen so engineers can safely and independently access the facility in the middle of the night when no library staff are on-site. Employees no longer need to keep reference materials at their desks since they know they can find what they need without assistance.

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