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Lite Track Mobile Aisle Shelving

mechanical assist high density mobile aisle shelvingMobile aisle shelving are lite track power side compacting shelves that condense together on ADA compliant tracks to reduce the amount of floor space needed while also increasing your available storage capacity. Read on to learn about sliding shelving, mechanical-assist high density shelving, and powered mobile high density shelving systems.

Slide-A-Side Mobile Shelving

Sliding shelving, as the name implies, slide side-to-side on lite tracks to eliminate the need for extra aisles between rows of shelving. Sliding shelving can be configured with new or existing shelving units to save you time and money and can reduce your file storage area by half compared to lateral shelving and file cabinets. To access stored materials in the back, users simply slide the front shelving units out of the way using minimal force. Sliding mobile aisle shelving is available in a wide range of configurations, depths, heights, and with accessories such as security doors and drawers. Click here to see more information and uses for sliding mobile aisle shelving units.

High Density Compacting Shelves

sliding lite track power side compacting shelves

Two types of high density mobile aisle shelving is typically installed in businesses: mechanical-assist and powered. Both offer their own features and benefits depending on your application, and we can help you decide which system would work best for you. In the meantime, read below to learn about these two shelving systems.

Mechanical-assist mobile aisle shelving utilizes an ergonomically designed three-spoke crank that the user turns to access individual aisles. When not in use, the aisles are compacted together to save floor space. The crank can be configured to move up to six rows of shelving at once with ease, and the handle is designed to be moved with very minimal force exerted. Safety locks keep the handle from rotating when not in use.

Powered mobile aisle shelving and lite track power side compacting shelves are an ideal solution for heavy-duty automatic storage that requires enhanced safety features and durability. Powered shelving aisles can be moved by touchscreen or remote control operation and have a wider variety of safety and security features than mechanical assist systems. Click here to learn more about mechanical assist and powered high density mobile aisle shelving.

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